WHOA! Sidney Powell Issues Massive Warning To Liz Cheney’s Sham Jan. 6 Committee

(Rallying Patriots) – The Trump-hating Democrats in Congress are still pushing forward with their sham investigation of the Jan. 6 “insurrection” attempt, as they call it.

The Jan. 6 committee, with disgruntled RINO Liz Cheney at the helm, announced Tuesday that it had subpoenaed former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani along with former Trump campaign attorneys Sidney Powell and Jenna Ellis, and Trump 2020 strategic adviser Boris Epshteyn.

None of these individuals were present at the Capitol on Jan. 6 yet they’re being called in to testify before Congress because of their involvement in trying to expose the truth about the stolen 2020 election.

These individuals are threats to the fraudulent Biden regime and the Democrats know they have to figure out a way to deal with them.

The sham committee is claiming that these four individuals promoted unsupported theories of voter fraud in the election. Their argument is that because of this, they contributed to the events on Jan. 6 happening.

On Wednesday, Sidney Powell responded to the committee’s subpoena via her lawyer, saying she is looking forward to the opportunity to present the factual evidence that supports the various claims of fraud and misconduct in the election to the committee members.

The Storm Has Arrived has a copy of the letter (screenshot here) to the committee, which reads:

Ms. Powell has received the January 6 Committee’s subpoena, and she looks forward to providing the Committee with significant evidence in support of the election fraud statements and claims she presented on behalf of the electors and clients she represented. Those claims are supported by expert reports and affidavits of witnesses that no court took the time to hear. Ms. Powell is a practicing lawyer, and she will comply to the full extent required by law and legal ethics.

Ms. Powell looks forward to appearing before the Committee to answer questions, walk through the evidence, and present a full picture of the fraud and other misconduct that took place during the 2020 Election, including the myriad of election fraud allegations only now being examined by state officials in Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Powell has the right idea here. All she has to do is present the evidence and let it go on record that these frauds sitting in Congress are not for the people at all.

The election was stolen. That’s the reality. We all know it because we all saw it and the left wasn’t exactly trying to hide this fact.

It was blatantly obvious that the election was rigged. Under no other circumstances could basement-dwelling Joe Biden possibly beat President Trump whose popularity was literally soaring across all demographics.

Our country was founded on revolution and it’s starting to look more and more like the only thing that’s going to save it is revolution.

The stolen election is the greatest crime ever carried out in American history. How can we, the American people, simply sit idly by while our country is being actively destroyed by a fraudulent, radical regime?

Jan. 6 was organized by the Deep State to demonize President Trump and his supporters. It was carried out with the express purpose of criminalizing Trump-supporting Americans and having justification to imprison them for political reasons.

The reality is, when the tens of millions of Americans who own guns and love freedom have had enough of this tyranny, Jan. 6 will look like child’s play.

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