Biden’s 2024 Exit Date Revealed By Top JPMorgan Strategist

(Rallying Patriots) – The scene is being set for President Joe Biden to exit stage left as the Democratic Party’s nominee for the Oval Office as his poll numbers continue to plummet thanks to a combination of disastrous economic policies and declining cognitive ability. People just do not believe that Biden, who is now 81, has the mental capabilities or physical stamina necessary to serve a second term in the White House. Astronomical inflation rates, which have jacked up the price of goods at the grocery store to the point of needing to sell all your possessions for a couple loaves of bread (this is hyperbole, folks) have led to the average American giving the administration two thumbs down.

And as time has progressed over the last year, we’ve seen more and more Democrats suddenly turn on Biden, claiming he’s too old, too frail, to be the president and needs to be replaced as the nominee or else he’ll likely be slaughtered (figuratively) by former President Donald Trump, who will probably clinch the GOP nomination.

A good case in point comes from an important JPMorgan strategist who has issued a prediction that Biden will drop out of the 2024 presidential race. He is so confident in this belief, he even provided a timeline of events that show when it will happen.

“In the financial service company’s lengthy ‘Eye on the Market: Outlook 2024’ report, Michael Cembalest, chairman of market and investment strategy for J.P. Morgan Asset & Wealth Management, listed 10 ‘surprises’ for the year,” The Western Journal reported. One of the surprises is that the president will bail out of the race for “health reasons sometime between Super Tuesday and the November election.”

For those who might be new, Super Tuesday is when 16 states hold their primary elections. This year, 2024, it’s scheduled for March 5. The general election will take place eight months later on Nov. 5.

“Cembalest suggested the party’s nomination would be passed to a ‘replacement candidate named by the Democratic National Committee,'” the piece continued. “The brief entry cited Biden’s abysmal approval ratings and disappointing job creation record. Of course, no one knows what will happen in the coming months. Back in 2015 and 2016, most people, even many conservatives, didn’t have much faith in Donald Trump’s ability to win the White House — and then he did it.”

I guess we should point out that Cembalest didn’t actually come right out and say for sure that Biden would drop out. He actually described the list of events he created as “an exercise in thinking against the grain about what might happen in an industry dominated by consensus.”

However, seeing someone of this caliber entertain the notion that there’s a high possibility Biden will not face off against Trump later this year is interesting, especially since so many others are coming out and making similar statements. It’s almost like the Democratic Party is using these individuals to get the idea of Biden not being the nominee floating around in the general public so it’s not such a shock when it actually happens. Of course, that means this is a plan that’s been in the works for a while.

“Many political commentators have been sounding the alarm on Biden’s foundering re-election campaign, and even members of his own party have soured on him, as NBC News noted in November,” the WJ article said.

“Pick a metaphor: President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign is a ‘five-alarm fire,’” the outlet reported. “It’s a cardiac case in need of a ‘defibrillator.’ Or a lemming on course to ‘slowly march into the sea and drown.’”

“All come from Democratic strategists whose low-boil frustrations with Biden’s candidacy erupted over the weekend amid a spate of bleak polling numbers,” it added.

What you’re probably wondering is who will replace Biden if the predictions come true? The most logical choice would be Vice President Kamala Harris, but given that her IQ is the same as a toddler’s shoe size and her approval rating is just as bad if not worse than Biden’s, you can pretty much cross Harris off the list.

“There is no Plan B,” an unidentified senior Democrat stated in comments given to the outlet. “If he were … suddenly not to run, everyone you know would run. The VP scares no one.”

If Biden drops out, this whole thing will be a circus.

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