MUST-SEE: NBC Anchor Schooled On Shady Biden Deals

(Rallying Patriots) – Attempting to cleanse the filthy waters of the swamp in Washington, D.C. is a very difficult task that immediately places a target on your back from those inside the federal government and the propaganda makers who are on their payroll. Just ask former President Donald Trump. It’s a truth that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, a Kentucky Republican is discovering for himself as he faces intense backlash from the establishment media within our nation’s capital.

The propagandists in the pocket of the Democratic Party have been hammering Comer for the investigation he and the panel launched to try and unravel various financial misdeeds involving President Joe Biden and his family. What is the narrative being pushed about Comer? The media outlets are accusing him and the Oversight Committee of hyping up evidence that has been found in order to push for Biden’s impeachment.

However, according to reports from the Washington Examiner, Comer has had more than enough of the spin. He’s now sharing his own thoughts on their coverage and defense of the current administration.

Comer, during a Tuesday evening appearance on “Meet the Press Now” with Ryan Nobles, stated, “The American people aren’t buying what you’re selling,” going on to add, “The mainstream media is trying to cover this up.”

“It came during a verbal tussle over the evidence Comer has collected and presented, drawing a line from Hunter Biden’s overseas businesses to the president. Repeatedly, Nobles echoed White House claims that some evidence showed a simple loan, while Comer, a banker, said there is no proof of a loan and instead the transactions suggested influence peddling,” the report revealed.

After Nobles annoyed the snot out of Comer, he decided to unleash his fury on the host.

“You’re calling it an influence-peddling scheme, and you don’t even know definitively whether or not it’s a loan?” Nobles asked.

A smirk slid across Comer’s face as he replied, “You don’t understand. It’s like you’re financially illiterate. You look like a smart guy on TV. Listen, I’m a banker. You know, I’ve been involved in a bank board for a long time. The money that the Bidens pay Joe Biden back with came from influence peddling.”

As the interview progressed, the Oversight Committee Chairman asked Nobles to back up his claims with evidence, but, as you probably already guessed, he failed to do so.

“Comer, meanwhile, has been releasing his findings for weeks, and the House GOP appears ready to begin an impeachment of President Joe Biden for allegedly helping his son when he was vice president set up shell companies with overseas sources and then profiting from them,” the Washington Examiner noted.

“I think that at this stage, we have more than enough evidence to continue with the impeachment inquiry. My job as chairman of the Oversight Committee was never to impeach. That’s the Judiciary Committee. My job was to follow the money. We followed the money. The media has changed the goalposts so many times of what we had to find. You all said for months, ‘OK, find evidence where Joe Biden benefited directly from the influence-peddling …’ We have seven transactions now that show that, and you say, ‘Oh, well, there’s evidence it’s a loan.’ It’s not hard to prove a loan. Again, if I loaned you $240,000, I should have a check or wire to you. What they are showing the press is a wire from a law firm. Who knows where the money went into the law firm? The law firm could easily dispel this. Oh, OK, we’ve got a check from Joe Biden. Somewhere, Joe Biden should have a check,” Comer fired off.

Nobles then remarked, “A lot of this is based on innuendo and suggestion. It’s not based on hard evidence, sir.”

Comer shot him down quickly by saying, “Bank records don’t lie.”

Nobles got owned. Plain and simple. Let’s hope Comer is able to present the evidence he’s uncovered in this investigation and provide a firm foundation for impeaching Biden in order to hold him accountable for his actions.

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