Daytime TV Star Insists Trump Will Put Poor People In ‘Camps’

(Rallying Patriots) – I am thoroughly convinced that ‘The View’ is the worst morning talk show ever to air on television. It serves as nothing more than propaganda for the Democratic Party and their progressive talking points. Especially since the vast majority of the women who co-host are left-wing extremists and even the “conservatives” they bring on the show are moderates at best.

A good case in point is a recent series of unhinged remarks made by multimillionaire movie star Whoopie Goldberg who is convinced if former President Donald Trump wins the general election in November, he will shove people in “camps” as if he were the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler.

According to NewsBusters, Goldberg was livid with poor folk and went on a rant during the Monday edition of ‘The View,’ losing her mind over the fact that people are turning away from Biden due to being deeply troubled at having to pay high prices for groceries and basic goods. Talk about being out of touch.

Goldberg then told those struggling financially that they should just ignore inflation, going on to suggest that if they didn’t vote for Biden, when Trump got back in office he would put them in “camps.” Where, exactly, is this lunatic getting her information from? Is she just making it all up as a scare tactic to turn people away from voting in their own best interest? Sure seems like it.

The co-host whined that “people’s faith in the country is waning” going on to say it was “pi**ing me off” because she believes the president is trying to save the nation from the dastardly villain that is Donald Trump.

“Because, in fact, here’s a reason Joe Biden ran the way he did. There’s a reason he’s running for democracy now, because that’s really what’s at stake,” she prattled on during the program. It was around this time in the rant that Goldberg came unhinged, demanding those who are struggling to make ends meet essentially stop worrying about paying bills and then made the controversial statement about Trump putting people in camps, though she produced no evidence to support this.

“You’re worried that you can’t pay your bill? Wait until the other guy becomes president, and you won’t have to worry about it because you’ll be in some camp somewhere because that’s his promise. His promise to us is he’s going to force people to do his bidding. That’s what he said. I’m going to be good on day one, and I’m going to turn into this other person,” Goldberg stated.

The actress then spoke directly to the American viewers, saying they better get used to open borders and having folks take illegal shortcuts to gain access to our nation.

“What is the country you want? Do you want the country that you kind of thought you had where we all get to say what we think and we don’t have to be afraid of being American and believing that, yeah, there will be people who come in, and some will get in quick and some will take a different route. But they’re coming here for a reason because they’re living in a place that’s not good for their families,” she declared.

The report noted, “Also attacking poor people, multimillionaire and staunchly racist/anti-Semitic co-host Sunny Hostin (who bragged she hadn’t been grocery shopping since the pandemic while also demanding her reparations) insisted that people who were concerned about making ends meet were just engaging in ‘grievance politics.'”

In typical leftist fashion, Goldberg proclaimed she thinks those kinds of individuals are simply jealous of others and hate minorities and immigrants. Always pulling out the race card, right? That’s usually about the time you realize they have absolutely no other argument to make.

“‘I can’t pay my electric bill. My gas bill’s high. I need my food. Why is that? Why is my station in life like this? ‘It’s because that black guy got into Harvard and became president,’ or ‘it’s because that immigrant is over there doing better — driving a nicer car than I’m driving,’” she rebuked viewers.

It’s always the same old story with liberals, isn’t it?

This is a perfect example of how the left is absolutely fine with fabricating narratives in order to accomplish their mission, which at the moment is keeping Trump from getting another four years in the Oval Office. Here’s to hoping people don’t fall for the lies.

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  1. Whoopi Goldberg has a mental problem ,where does she come up with garbage like this ,she’s another idiot like Joy Behar and Sonny Hostin

  2. People are tuning away from Biden because imbeciles like her support him. She is a freeloader, took welfare money and when blubber face started making a good living refused to pay it back with interest so that people who really needed help could get it. That is called a hypocrite. Oh and yes she is a racist 1st rate.


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