Former CIA Analyst Issues Dire Warning About 2024 Election

(Rallying Patriots) – A former analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency has issued a warning for American citizens regarding one of the biggest dangers they will be facing during this year’s election cycle, stating the progressive deep state will be rearing its ugly head once again. Honestly, I don’t think the deep state has gone anywhere. In fact, I’d say that element within the federal government is what has been responsible for the constant slew of legal assaults against former President Donald Trump and the weaponization of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to a new report from The Western Journal, John Gentry, a former CIA analyst who also works as an adjunct professor of political science at Georgetown University, penned an article for Fox News that was published Tuesday, going on to explain how he thinks the country’s intelligence agency will work hard at crafting narratives and shaping the atmosphere around the 2024 presidential election.

And you can guarantee that means fresh, creative attacks on Trump to try and convince American voters not to cast their ballots for the America first candidate as he likely takes on President Joe Biden in the November general election.

“My guess is that the, the proverbial deep state within the intelligence community will reemerge because presumably a Republican candidate will again be seen as a threat to the internal policies that many intelligence people like,” Gentry remarked in an interview with Fox.

This isn’t just empty words being spoken by someone looking to fearmonger.

“Americans of all political stripes should remember that 2020 saw a blatant insertion of the supposedly non-political intelligence agencies into the politics of the 2020 election when a letter signed by 51 former intelligence officers helped squelch the bombshell story broken by the New York Post about the Hunter Biden laptop — a motherlode of evidence that the younger Biden had used his father’s name and political power to build an influence-peddling network that spanned the globe,” The Western Journal noted.

If you remember, Politico’s headline for its article about the letter attempted to deceive the masses by saying, “Hunter Biden story is Russian disinfo, dozens of former intel officials say.” You see, the problem with this headline is that the letter does not call the story concerning the laptop “Russian disinformation.”

“The letter did not actually brand the laptop story ‘Russian disinformation.’ It used weaselly worded formulations like ‘classic earmarks of a Russian information campaign’ and ‘makes us deeply suspicious’ to raise questions about the credibility of the story without ever actually taking a stand (a classic strategy of bureaucracy warriors),” the WJ article divulged.

“But that was enough, with Politico’s headline, to taint the Post’s story and encourage the lords of social media at Twitter and Facebook to censor or restrict the story and limit how much American voters knew about the man who eventually became their president (with the disastrous results that have become all too familiar over the past three years),” it added.

You might also recall the hostile anti-Trump activities the FBI carried out in 2016, which included a pair of lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Paige, going all the way up to Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and former FBI Director James Comey.

How about the infamous Russia collusion hoax that haunted Trump’s administration for two years? That, of course, turned out to be completely fabricated, with a little help from the FBI and various individuals in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, to try and take out her political opposition to the White House in 2016. It backfired spectacularly.

Gentry commented in the interview that more of these kinds of shenanigans are going to pop up again this year as the election draws near. The former analyst went on to cite a commentary piece that was published on Dec. 18 in Just Security. The publication was originally founded by a former counterintelligence FBI agent, Asha Rangappa, along with former CIA senior intelligence officer Marc Polymeropoulos.

The article cited was critical of Trump and his plan to get rid of the corruption within the intelligence community. Nothing says “I have something to hide” like slamming plans to remove the bad, wicked elements hiding within your agencies, right?

“For Americans who’ve never heard of Just Security — which is probably everyone reading this — it’s based at New York University’s School of Law and bills itself as ‘an online forum for the rigorous analysis of security, democracy, foreign policy, and rights,'” The Western Journal stated. “That sounds fine until a look at the front page shows it’s editorial stance might as well come from CNN.”

You might be wondering why this article is such a big deal. After all, aren’t there plenty of people who have written articles slamming Trump? Heck, CNN has made millions off of anti-Trump material being shoved down the brains of their viewing audience. What makes this different?

“Americans might not trust ‘government’ as a whole, but there tends to be an instinctive deference to “government intelligence” when it comes to the FBI and CIA. Those agencies and social media giants and the establishment media relied on that deference to spike the Hunter Biden laptop story when it could have swung the 2020 presidential election,” the article said.

As per Gentry, the reason the intelligence agencies in our government have become so politicized is because of the “diversity, equity, and inclusion” training — also known as DEI — that has led to these departments stuffing their staff with hardcore progressives obsessed with race and ideology.

Basically, if you hear things about Trump in the mainstream media this year, you need to do extensive research to find out if it is true and not a disinformation campaign being carried out by our own government.

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  1. Some choice the communist democrat party, Joe Biden and neuclear war or Donald Trump, a negotiated end to these wars and peace. Make the dictators richer, get rid of the excess people by blowing them up with nukes and living the rest of your life under a heavy fisted dictator or have a president who likes people, every one being given the opportunity to climb the ladder and live to be a ripe old age. The deep state agencies need to be cleaned out, new blood put in them with very close monitoring. If they are caught doing anything against the constitution the punishment needs to be life altering. Anyone caught trying to alter the outcome of election prison min 25 years or a frontal labotamy.

  2. The CIA hasn’t worked FOR America in a very long time, since they assassinated JFK! They are a corrupt criminal organization!


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