Bongino Sounds The Alarm Over Secret Service Ban Of Trump Red Ties

(Rallying Patriots) – A new report from BizPac Review has revealed that former Secret Service agent and current conservative podcast host, Dan Bongino, is alleging that those working within the agency have been banned from wearing red ties because that is the favorite choice of former President Donald Trump. Boy, the administration really does hate the man, don’t they? Tell us you feel threatened without telling us you feel threatened.

During an episode of his podcast from last Friday, Bongino stated the rule was put in place after an agent assigned to protect Trump was seen wearing the same color tie as the former commander-in-chief.

“What if I told you now that an edict went out in the Secret Service about what color tie you could wear. … Now, I worked there for 12 years. I don’t ever recall getting a memo about tie colors. Ever,” Bongino declared during the program.

“But the story gets even weirder. Why the hell would Secret Service management be preoccupied with people’s tie colors? Maybe because some of the people running the agency have gone crazy and have turned into Biden a** kissers,” he continued. Bongino then said the hoopla started after a photograph was published in The Guardian showing the agent wearing a red tie, similar to the one worn by Trump.

“And all of a sudden, the red tie thing became a big scandal,” the former Secret Service agent noted. “Why would the red tie thing become a big scandal? What was on the tie — cocaine or something? No. It was the same color as Donald Trump’s tie.”

“What the hell!?” he asserted with more than a little agitation. “This actually happened. … What is going on? Are agents on Biden’s detail, if they wear Ray-Bans like Biden when he pretends to be a fake tough guy, are they going to be accused of being Biden supporters because they have Ray-Ban on?”

“What type of stupid email edict was that? Guys are pi**ed. They’re like ‘we can’t wear red ties!?’ Mr. President, I’m telling you right now, President Trump, clean out that management when you get elected. … You need to clean it out. They all gotta go. All of them gotta go. You’ve got crazy people there right now,” he remarked.

Can you imagine hating someone so much you’d order an entire agency to forgo wearing the same color tie they wear? It’s absolutely insane. That kind of bitterness and seething anger rots the soul. Then again, if your soul is already rotten to the core I guess it makes sense for this kind of thing to come flowing out of it.

Bongino wasn’t done. He later added that edicts of this nature could end up putting the former president at risk.

“[Trump’s] threat level is through the roof. If this is what they’re worried about, you’re gonna get hurt,” he commented.

Users on social media platform X/Twitter shared concerns that the deep state elements within the Justice Department are attempting to make Trump an easy target for assassination by having him stand out from among his security detail.

Once upon a time such a thought would have been firmly relegated to the conspiracy theory bin, but these days, it’s a real possibility. Leftists are desperate to get rid of Trump and avoid a second term for him in the White House. Would they be willing to go to these kinds of lengths to make that happen?

I certainly hope not.

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  1. They don’t want Secret Service wearing the red tie because they might get mistaken for Trump from a distant assasination atatempt.

  2. Should President Trump win re-election, which I doubt he can overcome the fraud voters, illegal voters and fraudulent tabulating machines, his first order of business after closing the borders Northern & Southern should be to terminate as many employees in the FBI, CIA, DOJ, Secret Service, Marshall Service, etc. To be perfectly honest, there is a real threat he will be assassinated before the election in November. Piglosi and her crew tried that while he was President the first time. Term limits are an absolute must for Supreme Court Justices, Federal Judges, Congress, all government agencies. This might help with the career politicians not milking the tax payer for billions during their lifetime, their money made from insider trade deals, kickbacks, thievery, free everything their hearts desire because they are a Congress person.


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