DOJ’s Stunning Spending Spree: 4x More On Trump Investigations Compared To Biden

(Rallying Patriots) – The Department of Justice is clearly being utilized by Deep State actors as a weapon to take down former President Donald Trump and remove him from the 2024 playing field, while also serving to provide protection for President Joe Biden. The president, who not only has a disastrous administration and track record with the American people thanks to his horrendous economic policies, is himself the subject of several investigations concerning corruption and abuse of political power in connection with an influence peddling scheme during his years as vice president.

A new report written by Jake Smith for the Daily Caller reveals that the Justice Department has spent way more money — comprised of taxpayer dollars — on the investigations into former President Trump than they have on those currently facing Biden. The data confirming this information was gleaned from a DOJ statement of expenditures released last week.

But our government is not biased, right?

“The DOJ spent roughly $23 million in taxpayer funds on two investigations led by special counsel Jack Smith into Trump, according to the DOJ expenditure statement. The DOJ has only spent $6.4 million, roughly a quarter of what it spent investigating Trump, on the probe into Biden’s handling of classified documents,” the piece continued.

“The total cost of Smith’s investigations also included roughly $7.3 million on items related to pay, travel, rent and benefits for staff, according to the expenditure statement. The DOJ also paid roughly $7.2 million of the total expenses on security for Smith and the special counsel ‘when warranted,'” the Daily Caller said.

“The total also includes $9 million from the DOJ’s investigation from November 2022 to March 2023, which puts the recent total, recorded through September 2023, at $23 million, according to the expenditure statement. Trump has pled not guilty to Smith’s charges which include allegedly mishandling classified documents and interfering in the 2020 presidential election,” it added.

The document discloses that the Justice Department’s investigation into the current commander-in-chief, between the months of January to September 2023 cost $6.4 million. The report then noted that Special Counsel Robert Hur, who was assigned to the investigation at the beginning of 2022, will probably not be bringing charges against Biden or anyone else who was involved. The final results of Hur’s investigation are expected to be produced by the end of this year.

Clearly, the DOJ has two objectives: Destroy Trump and his followers and protect Biden as much as they possibly can. The fact that most of the money they have invested into these probes has been focused on Trump investigations speaks volumes about the depth of the progressive web wound tightly around federal law enforcement.

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