COVER-UP! Jan. 6 Committee Purged Over 100 Encrypted Files Right Before GOP Took Majority

(Rallying Patriots) – A new piece published by Fox News Digital has revealed that the former House Select Committee, tasked with investigating the incident at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, 2021, deleted a batch of over 100 encrypted files from its probe just days before Republicans took the majority in the House of Representatives. And yet, we’re supposed to believe the whole matter was above board and objective, right? No liberal bias in the investigation at all.

We’ve now reached a point where the investigation needs to be investigated. What a time to be alive.

“The House Administration Committee’s Oversight Subcommittee is leading an investigation into Jan. 6, 2021, led by Chairman Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga. The panel is investigating the security failures on that day, as well as the ‘actions’ of the former select committee investigating the Capitol riot,” the report said.

“Loudermilk, last week, told Fox News Digital his investigation has entered a “new phase” with renewed support from House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., who has committed additional resources to the panel’s investigation,” it continued.

The article goes on to divulge that sources who are close to the Loudermilk probe spoke with reporters at Fox News saying that according to the rules of the House, the former select committee, led by Missouri Democratic Rep. Bennie Thompson, was required to hand over all documents from their investigation to the new one being led by Republicans after they secured the majority during the midterm elections of 2022.

“Sources told Fox News Digital that Thompson had told Loudermilk that the select committee would turn over four terabytes of archived data, but that the new committee only received approximately two terabytes of data,” Fox News noted. “Fox News Digital has learned that Loudermilk’s committee hired a digital forensics team to scrape hard drives to determine what information they were not given.”

The team ultimately found that 117 files were both deleted and encrypted on Jan. 1, 2023, which was just a few days before the GOP would be taking over the House and the investigation into the Jan. 6 incursion. Nothing to see here, folks. Surely the left would not openly be participating in a cover-up, would they? Obviously, these documents held some truths the Democratic Party does not want the rest of the country to see.

Thankfully the team has managed to recover all of the deleted and encrypted files, however, they are password protected. Loudermilk is demanding the passwords be given so he and his committee can access the information.

“As you acknowledged in your July 7, 2023 letter, the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol (Select Committee) did not archive all Committee records as required by House Rules,” Loudermilk went on to write in a letter sent to Thompson requesting the password. “You wrote that you sent specific transcribed interviews and depositions to the White House and Department of Homeland Security but did not archive them with the Clerk of the House.”

Loudermilk then remarked that Thompson “claimed that you turned over 4-terabytes of digital files, but the hard drives archived by the Select Committee with the Clerk of the House contain less than 3-terabytes of data.”

“One recovered file disclosed the identity of an individual whose testimony was not archived by the Select Committee,” Loudermilk stated. “Further, we found that most of the recovered files are password-protected, preventing us from determining what they contain.”

Thompson isn’t the only one to get a letter from Loudermilk. Additional correspondence was written to the general counsel of the White House and the general counsel of the Department of Homeland Security which requested “unedited and unredacted transcripts” of White House and DHS testimony provided to the former select committee.

The letters state that the White House and DHS have until Jan. 24 to comply with the requests.

“It’s obvious that Pelosi’s Select Committee went to great lengths to prevent Americans from seeing certain documents produced in their investigation. It also appears that Bennie Thompson and Liz Cheney intended to obstruct our Subcommittee by failing to preserve critical information and videos as required by House rules,” Loudermilk declared in a statement given to Fox News Digital.

“The American people deserve to know the full truth, and Speaker Johnson has empowered me to use all tools necessary to recover these documents to get the truth, and I will,” he asserted in conclusion.

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  1. It’s like we are doomed by many of these people in Congress. Some are no better than our
    adversaries. Being underhanded , liars, deceivers, sell outs, whats in it for them, going on wasted
    spending spree’s over and above what they are paid…..where the real $$ comes from for them.
    They have to much freedom to spend. There has been information reveled as to these acts.
    disgusting. Some should not even be elected as dog catchers. When one sees some of these
    for what they are its just sickening. Power and money bottom line for to many…..just relate this story
    here…perfect examples these people doing this cover up…truth and honesty ………’s……….
    Gone With The Wind….. just an opinion…….


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