MYSTERY: Tucker Carlson Reignites Speculation Epstein Was Murdered

(Rallying Patriots) – Popular conservative pundit and former host for Fox News, Tucker Carlson, decided to kick off 2024 with a bang by single-handedly reigniting speculation that infamous pedophile human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein was murdered in prison. As we all know, this flies in the face of the official narrative that he killed himself back in 2019. Carlson put out a short video clip on the very first day of the year that showed Epstein’s brother, Mark, trying to get a look at the prehospital care report (PCR) from the New York City fire department.

“The U.S. government claims Jeffrey Epstein killed himself in a federal detention facility in Manhattan four and a half years ago, just before his trial. If that’s true, why are there so few records available from that night?” Carlson pondered.

“Here’s Mark Epstein trying to get a copy of one of the most basic documents of all, the prehospital care report, written by the EMS team that moved his brother’s body out of the cell,” he continued.

“But as of right now, you’re telling me you can’t find the PCR report,” Mark Epstein goes on to say to a New York fire official.

“Not for the 10th of August, 2019,” the official replies to Mark. “It’s not in the fire department database. I don’t know why. If it’s supposed to be there, we’ll find out.”

Carlson then remarked, “We’ll be interviewing Mark Epstein soon.”

“It doesn’t make sense. Could you get that through your f***ing head? It doesn’t make sense,” Epstein said to Business Insider. “Pardon my language, but I got a lot of calls today and I’ve lost my patience for the people that listen to this shit and don’t ask the right questions.”

“On Tuesday morning, the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General published its long-awaiting report into Jeffrey Epstein’s death. Epstein — a wealthy financier who ran in the same circles as Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew — was found dead in his Manhattan jail cell the morning of August 10, 2019, while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges,” the piece stated.

Epstein’s death behind bars created a firestorm for the Bureau of Prisons, the organization in charge of the Manhattan jail. Contrary to what many might think, seeing Epstein either get murdered or commit suicide was a big blow to the victims who were hoping he would face justice for the crimes he perpetrated against them, especially after dodging accountability for so many years.

“Epstein’s body was examined by Kristen Roman, a medical examiner for the city of New York. Mark Epstein hired Michael Baden, a famed forensic pathologist, to oversee the four-hour procedure,” Business Insider noted. “They came away with different conclusions. Baden still had questions about how Epstein’s body was found. He believed the ligatures on Epstein’s neck and the pattern of broken bones were more consistent with homicide — not suicide by hanging with a bedsheet. Roman was inconclusive, though her boss later ruled the death a suicide while offering little additional explanation to the public.”

With Epstein’s connections to powerful and influential figures in a variety of walks of life, not to mention the lack of information concerning his death, folks began to speculate that foul play was involved in the billionaire’s death. The 122-page report released by the inspector general’s office was supposed to reveal all and leave no questions unanswered, but what the document contains has not left Mark Epstein satisfied.

“There’s a lot of really blatant bulls**t things there,” he declared concerning the report.

The prison guard who found Epstein’s body, Michael Thomas, disclosed that he discovered him “suspended from the top bunk in a near-seated position, with his buttocks approximately 1 inch to 1 inch and a half off the floor and his legs extended out straight on the floor,” the report divulged.

However, the marks left by the noose, which the billionaire is alleged to have made from a torn orange bedsheet, were located on the lower part of his neck.

“The pictures I have from the autopsy showed that the noose mark was lower on his neck and it was more straight back as opposed to riding up in the back towards his ears,” Mark Epstein explained. “So he couldn’t have been hanging that way, as they say, and leaving this mark on his neck.”

“Also, if he was hanging from the way they said, that doesn’t match up to where the broken bones are in his neck,” he continued.

Epstein’s theory is that someone struck his brother in the neck and caused the injuries.

“What most likely happened is that those marks are probably because he got either punched or a karate chop into the neck by whoever killed him,” Epstein commented. “Because that’s a technique they use to incapacitate people that they’re going to eliminate. That makes much more sense.”

It will be interesting to see Tucker interview Mark Epstein and get the full story on what he thinks happened to his brother along with any theories he might have as to who was responsible, if foul play was indeed involved, in his death.

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  1. We all know what happened, the deep state (read CIA) used Epstein for years to blackmail powerful people, then when he got indicted he told them to fix it or he would expose them with his hidden video files, then the white van showed up at the gate and a look alike body was substituted for Epstein ( look at photos of him alive and him on the gurney dead, the ears don’t match), he is dead but it probably happened in a CIA black site tortured to death!


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