U.S. Governor Orders State Fleet To Be 100% Electric

(Rallying Patriots) – Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a notorious hardline Democrat, signed an executive directive on Tuesday that will force the state’s government to transition its whole fleet of vehicles, both heavy-duty and light-duty, to zero-emissions. In other words, full electric. This is going to be an absolute disaster, just wait and see. Radical leftists have now decided it’s better to set aside any sort of common sense and logic in order to pursue the agenda. It’s honestly astounding.

“Under Whitmer’s actions, Michigan’s state agencies must convert all state-owned light-duty vehicles to zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) by 2033 and all medium and heavy-duty vehicles by 2040. The governor said the move — which earned endorsements from clean energy groups, the United Auto Workers (UAW) union and Detroit Regional Chamber — would reduce pollution and lead to lower costs in the state,” Fox News reported.

“Michigan automakers are on the cutting-edge of the world’s switch to zero emission vehicles, and with today’s executive directive to transition our state-owned fleet by 2040, the State of Michigan is leading by example,” the governor explained in a statement.

“With today’s executive directive, I am directing state agencies to begin the process of converting vehicles owned and operated by the state to ZEVs by 2033 for light-duty vehicles and 2040 for medium and heavy-duty vehicles,” Whitmer continued. “Getting this done will help drive demand of Michigan-made electric vehicles, lower gas and maintenance costs for the state since ZEVs cost far less to fuel and maintain and reduce air and noise pollution in our communities.”

The new directive provides instructions for Michigan state departments and agencies to make the purchasing of ZEVs for their fleets a top priority, while focusing on transitioning the vehicles that have the most miles on them first. It then calls for agencies within the government to replace vehicles in communities that have been “historically impacted by higher pollution.” The directive also states that EV charging stations and units must be installed in high-density areas.

“Whitmer’s actions come one week after she signed a landmark legislative package that requires state power providers to meet some of the most aggressive green energy goals in the country. And it comes amid her push for an increase in EV manufacturing in her state and greater EV ownership,” Fox continued.

“The UAW applauds the State of Michigan for showing that the electric vehicle transition doesn’t have to be a race to the bottom,” UAW President Shawn Fain stated in remarks delivered on Tuesday. “We encourage the state to purchase union-made EVs for all state vehicles, giving America’s autoworkers their fair share of this historic moment for the American auto industry.”

“Moving our state vehicles to clean energy propulsion systems is a significant step towards Michigan’s leadership as a clean energy economy,” Glenn Stevens Jr., the vice president of automotive and mobility initiatives at the Detroit Regional Chamber, explained. “Our state fleet will be a leading example of zero-emission vehicles on our roads and will help set a precedent for all public and personal transportation to move in this direction.”

Michigan is not the only state to be taking this course of action. New Mexico recently required its entire fleet to move over to electric vehicles. I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Oh. Yeah. They might catch on fire, a phenomenon that has happened in the past. Not to mention they are difficult to keep charged and take quite a bit of time to recharge.

“In addition, in 2021, President Biden issued an executive order calling for federal vehicle acquisitions to be exclusively ZEVs by 2035, a plan expected to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in the coming years. Every light-duty vehicle acquisition must be electric by 2027 under the order,” Fox News concluded.

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