White House Fears Hunter Biden Indictment

(Rallying Patriots) – A lot of folks think that the Hunter Biden laptop story that unfolded just before the 2020 presidential election is the first time that really hard evidence of the Biden family’s corruption was revealed to the world, but that’s actually not true.

According to a report from WND, an investigative reporter and author, Peter Schweizer, actually documented the Bidens’ selling of access to the White House for millions of dollars long before Hunter’s laptop became a thing.

Schweizer wrote a book back in 2018 called “Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends,” along with a follow-up book titled, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” which presented a smorgasbord of evidence that five members of the Biden family made sure to cash in while Joe Biden was occupying the office of vice president.

Now, with the New York Times finally acknowledging that Hunter Biden’s laptop messages which indicate Joe Biden personally profited from peddling his political influence are authentic, Schweizer says he sees signs that a grand jury that’s been looking into the foreign business dealings of Hunter Biden is close to indicting him.

“I think this New York Times piece, the fact that they got cooperation from Team Biden and probably from the Hunter Biden legal team, is an indication that they are extremely concerned he’s going to be indicted,” Schweizer went on to say during in an interview Sunday with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

“Last week, the New York Post reported a lawyer for the mother of Hunter Biden’s 3-year-old daughter expects the president’s son to be indicted for tax fraud, based on what he has seen in the financial records,” the WND report said.

“Schweizer, who long has concluded Joe Biden has been a ‘direct beneficiary’ of Hunter Biden’s financial deals with foreign interests, noted the grand jury that is part of U.S. Attorney for the District of Delaware David Weiss’s investigation has been delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” the report continued.

“It’s back up and running, and it’s very clear that when it comes to the issues related to the tax evasion and money laundering and the other issues wrapped up with it, they are extremely concerned Hunter Biden’s going to be indicted,” Schweizer, the writer of “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win,” stated.

“He suspects that the New York Times article published March 16 – which buried the news that the Times had confirmed the authenticity of the laptop messages – ‘is an effort to frame the conversation in a way that could be the most favorable to them,'” WND reported.

He then pointed out that the messages on the laptop reveal Hunter Biden took at least $31 million from Chinese businessmen who have links to some of the “highest level of Chinese intelligence.”

Bartiromo then went on to ask Schweizer if the evidence he’s seen indicates that Joe Biden is “compromised on his decision-making because of the money he has taken in.”

Schweizer replied, “Yes, absolutely.”

“If you look at the three big flashpoints in American foreign policy today, Ukraine, Russia and China, the Biden family has received funds, millions of dollars in some cases and tens of millions of dollars, from powerful individuals connected to the government in each of those countries,” Schweizer went on to state.

The WND report then stated, “Hunter Biden was paid some $83,000 a month by a Ukrainian energy firm that was under investigation for corruption while Joe Biden was appointed by Barack Obama to oversee the U.S. anti-corruption campaign in Ukraine. Among his profits from Russia, Hunter Biden received a $3.5 million wire transfer from an oligarch whose name was on a U.S. Treasury list of figures tied to the Kremlin who were under consideration for sanctions.”

Both Hunter Biden and Joe Biden “had intermingled finances, and Hunter Biden was paying monthly bills, paying for repairs on his home.”

Of course, the White House has stuck with the claim made by 51 former senior intelligence officials, which also happens to include the former director of national intelligence, James Clapper, that these messages on the laptop aren’t real, but are part of a Russian disinformation campaign. However, the former officials have admitted, in a signed letter no less, that there is no evidence that exists to back up this particular claim.

Well, if there’s no evidence that these messages are part of a Russian disinformation campaign, why in the world do they continue to push that particular narrative as if it were true? Something doesn’t add up here. It seems to me that these individuals are simply trying to cover up the corruption of the Biden family. Gee, wonder why that is?

“Last September, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked press secretary Jen Psaki if the White House was maintaining its “Russia disinformation” stance after Politico reported a book by one of its reporters concluded two key emails and others on the laptop are genuine,” the WND report continued.

“I think it’s broadly known and widely known, Peter, that there was a broad range of Russian disinformation back in 2020,” Psaki responded, without further elaboration.

“The Politico reporter’s book, ‘The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,’ cites a person who had independent access to Hunter Biden’s emails who confirmed the authenticity of a 2015 email from an adviser for the corrupt Ukrainian firm Burisma thanking him for introducing him to Joe Biden. That conflicts with the president’s repeated insistence that he knew nothing about his son’s deals,” the report went on to reveal.

But what’s more important than that is that the source for the Politico reporter has confirmed the authenticity of an email from 2017 that concerns a deal with CEFC Chinese Energy which states that 10 percent of the profits were to be held “for the big guy.”

The “big guy,” has been identified as Joe Biden last October by Tony Bobulinski, a former business partner of Hunter’s, after the New York Post reported that the emails were discovered on the laptop.

Bobulinski claimed that Joe Biden was an active participant in Hunter’s overseas business dealings while he served as the vice president. He also stated that he himself met with the elder Biden to chat about the deal with CEFC Chinese Energy, which gives the impression that the then-vice president had final say in these business dealings.

“Last Thursday, Psaki was asked, in light of the New York Times report, if the White House still stands by the ‘Russia disinformation’ claim. She refused to comment, curtly advising the reporter to talk to the Justice Department, because she’s ‘a spokesperson for the United States” and Hunter Biden’ doesn’t work for the United States,'” the WND report said.

The current administration is guilty of abuse of power and political influence. This much seems pretty obvious when you look at the email messages on the laptop of Hunter Biden. And yet, no one has impeached him and the media is largely ignoring the story. Clearly, these propaganda makers are in the pocket of the Democratic Party and they are working hard to ensure their man stays safe from the consequences of his actions.

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