Truly Disgusting… Psychologist Claims Unborn Babies Can Give Permission For Abortion

(Rallying Patriots) – Conservatives often wisecrack about how liberalism is a mental disorder, but in all seriousness it seems that is actually the case. A lot of the stuff we’re seeing right now is just unbelievable. Men think they can become women and vice versa. People identifying as animals and expecting the rest of us to join in and support their mental delusions.

As it turns out, that’s not the most insane thing that has managed to pop up on the scene. Apparently, according to WND, in an article titled, “Conscious Abortion: Engaging the Fetus in a Compassionate Dialogue” which was published in the Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health, psychologist Claudette Nantel actually encourages women to try and communicate with their baby before an abortion.

Nantel tells them to inform the child how much they love, say goodbye, and even seek to get the unborn child’s permission to have the abortion performed.

We’re not making this up. You can’t. Reality is far more strange than fiction.

Nantel then goes on to admit that the baby is a human, going on to define “fetus” as “an unborn baby in its mother’s womb, at any time from conception to birth.”

Right there is a big admission. These people know that life begins at conception. They also know that abortion is murder, the snuffing out of an innocent human life. Now they are moving on to argue for the morality of murdering a child to justify these actions. It’s sickening.

“‘Conscious abortion’ hinges on the belief that the baby in the womb can ‘hear’ and understand the woman’s thoughts and even telepathically communicate back. Family doctor G McGarey suggested2 that someone having an abortion should have ‘a heart-to-heart conversation with her baby in the womb, explaining how this is not a good time for her to raise a child, reassuring them that they are deeply loved,'” the report says.

According to McGarey, it’s critical for women to ensure their babies, who they are about to murder for the sake of their own convenience, that they love them. Because that’s normal behavior before you poison or rip someone apart, right?

McGarey has actually guided women through this very process and then stated that many of her other colleagues use this as well.

“Several other counselors tell women with unwanted pregnancies to ask their baby to leave the womb. PH Fairfield instructs the following: “With deep love and concern, ask [the baby] to leave. Let yourself feel the divine love and connection with them, then tell them that it is not time for them to come in, or that you would like them to come back at a later time.”4 It is hoped, then, the baby will choose to leave, and the woman will miscarry. If not, then they believe abortion is needed to complete the process,” the report continued.

M. Axness, another practitioner, stated that women who are having abortions should communicate with the human being in their womb that they are about to murder “through prayer, imagination, art, letter, dance, song – a level of communication with the newly arrived being in their wombs through which they explain to the baby that it isn’t the right time for him or her to come and that it is necessary to separate.”

HH Watkins apparently has women who have unwanted pregnancies — hey, a good way to avoid those is to either practice safe sex or better yet, abstinence until married and responsible enough to handle raising a child — to ask the child for his or her consent to be aborted. According to both Watkins and Nantel, the child will telepathically communicate to the mother whether or not they consent to being killed.

Watkins then tells women to, “visualize the fetus, express their conflict about the pregnancy, then wait for a response (feeling, hearing, and seeing). The women were encouraged to repeat this exercise at home, and when/if they felt a response of agreement from the fetus, to visualize the fetus leaving their body.”

She then goes on to say this leads women to have a “a deeper sense of self, more respect for life, and positive feelings about a better-timed future pregnancy through the process of dialogue with their baby.”

Apparently all of these so-called “blessings” come about after the baby has been successfully murdered.

“Nearly every time Watkins did this exercise, the mother allegedly ‘heard’ the baby agree to be aborted. Obviously, this was what they wanted to ‘hear.’ Under Watkins’ influence, the women convinced themselves their babies accepted being aborted. All of the babies ‘consented’ to their violent deaths – except one,” the report revealed.

One woman said she “heard” the child say no.

After receiving this answer the woman responded with, “You don’t mean that?”

Watkins then details what happened next.

“[She] continued the process of weeping and talking to the fetus at home until there was only silence in response. She concluded the fetus accepted her intended surgical intervention. She began the abortion visualization, but no miscarriage occurred,” Watkins stated. “The surgical intervention was accomplished without complication, healing was rapid, and the client felt little or no remorse. She knew at all levels she had made the appropriate decision for herself.”

Conveniently, the child consented to being snuffed out after all.

Another of these women had a total of three abortions. Speaking of the first kid she killed, she said, “I was young and much more centered on myself and my life circumstances than on the baby. I was not really in contact with this baby.”

However, with the other two, “I was able to go inside myself and have an intimate relationship with these two babies.”

And yet, she decided to kill them. Whoever else is in an “intimate relationship” with this lunatic better sleep with one eye open.

The woman believes the children existed for the sole purpose of telling her to leave the man she was with at the time.

“I never felt I was doing them harm. Just before the abortion for each of them, I asked the lady who showed me the ultrasound screen to give me five minutes alone with the baby, before the intervention. I spoke to each of them in a fluid, soft manner, more like saying, ‘Thank you, see you later…’ The ultrasound screen conversations were way of recognizing the relationship, expressing my gratitude…” she said.

“It was so clear for me that these two children had not come to me saying, ‘Let me be born,'” the woman concluded.

So basically, after they delivered this lesson to her they were no longer useful or carried any value so they could be discarded like yesterday’s garbage. Truly, these people are sick and twisted.

This is the world we live in now, folks. Pray for our country.

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