NeverTrumper Blasted For Blaming MAGA Movement For Buffalo Shooting

(Rallying Patriots) – Leftists are deranged and so are their Republican “Never-Trumper” counterparts. The looney’s in both camps couldn’t even wait for the families to bury their loved ones before turning the weekend mass shooting in Buffalo, New York, into a political narrative.

These people are truly pathetic.

The once-respected conservative commentator S.E. Cupp proved just how unhinged she has become since coming down with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Fortunately, those on the right have responded harshly and shown her our patience is growing thin for this brand of unhinged, emotional rhetoric.

On Saturday, 18-year-old self-described “authoritarian leftist” Payton Gendron drove to a Tops Friendly Market in Buffalo around 2:30 in the afternoon and opened fire, killing 10 and wounding 3 others. He made it clear he was a racist with anti-black motives during the shooting.

He also had a 180-page manifesto which further made clear his motives.

Not even five hours after the shooting took place, CNN contributor Cupp was popping off on Twitter blaming President Trump and the MAGA movement for the killings.

“The toxic garbage being pushed by MAGA, Q, Fox, and even many GOP members of Congress has REAL consequences. But these are the same people who’ll insist right-wing extremism ISN’T a threat to our natl security — it isn’t even REAL, they say,” Cupp wrote. “It was very real in Buffalo today.”

How ironic to be lectured about “toxic garbage” by a woman who literally gets paid to push leftist propaganda.

No one is disputing that what happened in Buffalo is disgusting, evil, and reprehensible. A prime example of unchecked mental illness in America and, yes, a sign of just how divided America is becoming.

However, Cupp is just flat out wrong. The shooter made sure to make his motives known and he was anything but a conservative or MAGA supporter.

It’s truly mind-boggling how Cupp could be so heartless and cold that her first reaction to hearing about the senseless slaughter of 10 fellow Americans is to cast blame on those with whom she disagrees with politically.

Surely, however, anyone with a brain knew this shooting was going to be used by the left and the RINOs to push the racism and gun control narratives. We all saw it coming, it’s just shocking how fast they actually jumped into action.

Cupp was certainly not alone on Saturday. There were some blaming Fox News, Tucker Carlson and the right-wing media for the mass shooting just 30 minutes after it happened.

It’s become a knee-jerk reaction amongst leftists and, since President Trump came onto the scene, RINOs to use mass murders as a political opportunity to push their deranged, anti-American narratives and agendas.

What’s truly sad is that Cupp used to be a respected voice amongst conservatives but is now as unhinged and delusional as those on the radical left. It takes a certain level of insanity to actually blame President Trump and his supporters for mass murder.

While Cupp had plenty of support on Twitter, she was also blasted for her double standards in evaluating mass shootings.

You can be sure the anti-Trump establishment media is only getting started. They’re going to be discussing this shooting and the shooter for days, maybe weeks to come. Even though it doesn’t fit into their narrative at all, they’re going to make it.

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