MUST-SEE: Even CNN Is Slamming Biden’s Pathological Lies

(Rallying Patriots) – Okay, something strange is happening in the world of news media, and while I’d like to rejoice over this, I can’t help but get the feeling that the end of the world is upon us if this particular outlet is beginning to finally see the light. I’m, of course, speaking of everyone’s least favorite purveyor of fake news, CNN, who seems to be slowly but surely waking up to the fact that being a propagandist is bad for business. Or, maybe, they are realizing that the extreme brand of leftism they help to promote will surely die if those who espouse it continue to toss support behind President Joe Biden.

Either way, something odd is afoot.

According to Bryan Chai, writer for The Western Journal, it’s most definitely the latter. Chai noted in his article that Biden has been very unpopular for a long time now. However, despite this clear fact, much of the vocal Democratic Party establishment has been cheering on the current commander-in-chief, ignoring the numerous faults and failures produced by his leadership. This has especially been the case with mainstream media.

“CNN, which is very much establishment and very much chock full of shills, started off in total lockstep, but cracks began to emerge. At the tail end of 2021, not even a full year into Biden’s presidency, CNN talking heads began openly opining about potential replacements for the unpopular and elderly Biden. Now, when dealing with a historically unpopular president who would be historically old at the start of a second term, it only makes total sense to begin thinking about filling out that bench behind him,” Chai wrote.

He continued, “A charitable interpretation of the network’s 2021 critique of Biden could be that it was little more than due diligence as CNN continues to carry water for Democrats. Of course you want to talk about viable candidates who could be next in line.”

Something that’s a little more difficult to explain is a segment on the network that went viral last Thursday, where they criticized their dear leader rather than trying to convince the rest of the country they need to get on board with him and his disastrous policy platform.

Tons of political talking heads from both sides of the aisle immediately took the clip and started offering their opinions. It makes sense, right? We have a major left-wing network that is blue to the very core of their souls, routinely pushing pieces of the progressive agenda in nearly every single program, suddenly turning on their number one guy? That is definitely news worthy.

Chai notes that the president absolutely deserves the criticism and to be held accountable for telling whoppers, which he seemingly does every time he opens his mouth, but we also need to be asking why the sudden flip-flop from CNN.

“With just over a year to go until the 2024 general election, it seems CNN might have received its marching orders from their leftist overlords (whomever that might be) that it’s time to install a new puppet … er, POTUS … at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave,” Chai reported. “Why? Because for as much of a useful idiot that Biden has been for the left, he still needs to, you know, win a general election to continue to serve as that useful idiot.”

Since Biden no longer appears to be useful to the left and their cause, it seems they are leaving him behind, moving onto bigger, brighter stars in the movement. Folks like California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom, or maybe even former first lady Michelle Obama.

So, as Chai points out, CNN has either made the decision that leftism is terrible for the country and is abandoning it, or they are just putting distance between themselves and Biden. The author then asks us to consider which of these two options is most likely to be true?

I’m casting a vote for the latter.

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