MUST-SEE: Bush Pulls A Biden, Makes Accidental Admission About Iraq

(Rallying Patriots) – Former president George W. Bush was never the best at giving speeches. He often slipped up and stammered but in his latest gaffe, one has to wonder if it wasn’t more than just a slip-up? Maybe a Freudian slip?

While speaking at an event at the Bush Center in Texas on Wednesday, the 43rd president was slamming Russia, condemning their “fixed” elections and asserting how one man holds all the power which has led to the invasion of Ukraine.

Then, he appeared to make an accidental admission about the biggest decision of his own time in power.

“The decision of one man … to launch a wholly unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq…” said Bush.

“I mean Ukraine,” he added, quickly correcting himself. The crowd laughed.

Bush was fully aware of what he had just said and appeared to acknowledge that it wasn’t just a small little slip-up.

Similar to Bush’s war on Iraq, Putin’s aggression against Ukraine has devolved into chaos, disaster and death.

The Bush administration invaded Iraq under the pretense that there were supposed weapons of mass destruction created by Saddam Hussein’s regime. We all remember the “weapons of mass destruction” narrative.

In the end, no nuclear weapons were ever found in Iraq after the 2003 invasion and the entire ordeal led to the destabilization of the Middle East which set the stage for the rise in Islamic extremism which is what led to the eventual rise of ISIS.

This is why there are many who believe the US created ISIS. This is also why President Trump was wise to not get the US involved in any more foreign conflicts.

The Army Times reported on a study done on the Iraq War by the Army in which it was concluded that the war only served to embolden Iran. The entire thing really made things much less stable in the Middle East and the world a much less safe place.

Bush’s vice president, Dick Cheney, even went as far as to claim that the Iraqi public would receive US troops as “liberators” before the invasion. This, of course, proved to be very, very false.

In all, there were 4,418 American service members killed in Iraq which has made Americans bitter towards the Bush administration. Conservatives have turned on the Bush legacy because of the Iraq War.

President Trump likened the war to one of the worst foreign policy errors in American history when he was running for the presidency during his 2016 campaign.

Bush’s slip-up was far more accurate than he intended and judging from his reaction to his blunder, even he understood that.

Though some may try to draw parallels between the Iraq war and the Russia-Ukraine war, the two are, quite frankly, not the same at all.

Russia has claimed that Ukraine is being led by “Nazis” and despite the fact that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy is of Jewish heritage, it has been proven that there are numerous bio-labs in Ukraine (many funded by the US) in which experiments on genetic bioweapons have been going on.

Why would Ukraine need genetic bioweapons that have the ability to target victims based on their ethnicity? If that doesn’t sound like Nazism, I don’t know what does.

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