Joe Rogan Warns Dems Have “No Cards” To Play In 2024 Except Locking Up Trump

(Rallying Patriots) – Hugely popular podcast host Joe Rogan recently spoke with athlete and physician Dr. Sean Baker on his wildly popular program concerning how dependent the current Democratic Party is on President Joe Biden. Rogan, a man who is known as a straight shooter, said that the Democrats really have “no cards” left and will depend completely on “party loyalty” in the 2024 election cycle. He’s probably right. With the destruction of the economy, multiple flubs in the geopolitical arena that have ended in bloodshed, astronomical inflation, and all sorts of other issues, Biden has dismantled any tools the left had to use next year.

“The two discussed California Gov. Gavin Newsom, one of the most prominent leaders of the Democratic Party in the country. Rogan argued that California’s previous efforts under Newsom’s leadership had been ineffective, but ‘the only thing that I saw that was effective at all in stopping the tents in the homeless situation was when [Chinese President] Xi Jinping visited San Francisco,’ later arguing that the optics of how San Francisco looks when a ‘dictator’ visits were more important to Newsom than San Francisco residents’ everyday quality of life,” Fox News reported.

During the interview, it seemed as if Baker was suggesting Newsom might be throwing his hat in for the 2024 Democratic Party nomination some day, however he then asked, “What’s going to happen in the next election? I mean, is Biden even going to be able to run?”

Rogan remarked, “I think, at this point, they kind of have to run him. Unless he dies.”

He added, “We have one year now. We’re in November, we’re in late November, we have less than a year. What are they going to do? Look, if Biden died tomorrow, and then what do they do with Kamala Harris? They’re going to put her on the moon? Like, what are they’re going to do? She’s the vice president.” Rogan went on to describe the scenario where, “If he dies, she becomes the president, which is f—ing wild when you hear that lady talk.”

Baker piped up and provided a whole new theoretical scenario with Biden himself gets to the point where he says, “I’m just not feeling up to it,” allowing the train wreck that is Kamala Harris to take over and become the first female president in the history of the Union, but then steps down during the Democratic Party’s convention, where the reins will be handed to the California governor.

“That is possible,” Rogan responded. “But it would be a real problem for people that are Kamala Harris supporters. And believe it or not, they exist.”

Can you imagine what a stain on women’s history it would be for the first female president to be Harris? We’re talking about a floozy who can’t utter a coherent sentence during a public speaking event. We can do way better.

Rogan then made the case that the Democrats’ strategy to take a victory in 2024 is largely focused on the far-fetched hope that former President Donald Trump will be convicted in one of four indictments he’s facing.

“I think they have f—ing no cards, and they’re looking at this game. And I don’t know, I think they’re depending upon party loyalty. And they’re depending upon Trump getting convicted and arrested and imprisoned rather. I don’t know if that’s going to happen. I don’t think it is. It seems like it’s a bunch of trumped up charges, no pun intended,” he explained.

Rogan and Baker both expressed suspicion at the timing of Trump being prosecuted.

“It does make sense,” the podcast host stated, “if you want to look at banana republic tactics,” suggesting that the political establishment is opportunistically targeting its political opponents.

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