CRIME FAMILY: James Biden Taped By FBI During Probe Nearly 30 Years Ago!

(Rallying Patriots) – The Federal Bureau of Investigation secretly recorded President Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, during a bribery investigation into a trial attorney from Mississippi who paid a whopping $100,00 to his consulting firm during the late 90s, according to a report that came out over the weekend. The attorney, Richard Scruggs, hired the president’s brother and his wife Sara while trying to rally up support for legislation regarding tobacco that was being mulled over in Congress back in 1998, The Washington Post divulged.

“Neither James, 74, nor his brother President Biden, 81, were implicated in any major criminal wrongdoing in the case. But the revelation comes amid an impeachment probe into alleged influence-peddling by the president’s family members,” the NY Post reported.

“I probably wouldn’t have hired him if he wasn’t the senator’s brother,” Scruggs remarked during an interview with The Washington Post about why he paid so much money to James Biden’s firm. In other words, he was paying for the potential influence that James had with his brother, who would have influence with those in the Senate concerning the tobacco bill Scruggs supported.

“Jim was never untoward about his influence,” the lawyer continued. “He didn’t brag about it or talk about it. He didn’t have to. He was the man’s brother.”

“Scruggs, who was later sent to prison over a separate bribery scheme, had been closing in on a deal to push the tobacco companies to cough up billions of dollars in a lawsuit alleging they withheld information that their products were addictive,” the piece from the NY Post noted. Geez, this man really didn’t care to be corrupt, did he?

The reason Scruggs hired James Biden and his firm was because he needed Congress to waive antitrust provisions that were part of a settlement deal in order to get the $368 billion he was seeking. Joe Biden, a senator from Delaware at the time, commented that he was “not yet convinced that the settlement is a good idea.”

“Despite initially being reluctant, Joe Biden, who sat on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee as the ranking member, ultimately became one of its most significant backers. Ultimately, the bill failed to clear Congress. Biden, at the time, cited an intense campaign by the tobacco industry that he claimed swayed Republicans,” the report disclosed.

While attempting to get support from Sen. Biden, Scruggs made several payments to Lion Hall in the amount of $10,000, over the course of 12 months. The attorney was not sure if James Biden would be able to convince his brother to back the bill, but hoped he succeeded.

As you might expect, an attorney representing the president’s brother denied that any of the work he and his firm engaged in involved speaking with or providing access to his brother.

“Years after the tobacco bill hubbub, FBI authorities began to investigate Scruggs over an alleged bribery scheme involving supposed plans to funnel $40,000 to a local judge. During that investigation, agents recorded phone calls, including ones from James Biden, according to the report. At the time, James Biden was reportedly attempting to create a firm with Scruggs’ partners,” the NY Post said.

While James Biden was never implicated, Scruggs and a few of his partners landed in prison. Biden’s attorney claims that he was not aware of any schemes and stated the partnership never really went anywhere.

However, recordings that were reviewed by The Washington Post reveal that many of the calls recorded show James Biden discussing the partnership.

“I told him we had formalized our relationship with you guys,” lawyer Tim Balducci told the president’s brother during one phone call.

“I told him about the real Washington presence, that this was not going to be a bulls––, you know, a shingle hung somewhere in the window,” he continued. “That this was a real deal, that Sara was coming on, you know, as a named partner, an equity share in the venture, that we were changing the name of the firm to include her.”

“Hunter was going to be involved, and you were going to be involved,” he added.

Does the Biden family corruption have no limitations or boundaries? These people are horrible. It’s time they paid the piper.

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