BREAKING NEWS! Clergy Issues Shocking Warning To Canada’s Trudeau

(Rallying Patriots) – Justin Trudeau has gone full-blown tyrant in Canada, treating lawful peaceful protesters like actual terrorists and violating them further with his abuse of power. The whole reason for the protests was because Canadians want their freedoms back and for the COVID absurdity to come to an end.

In response, Trudeau ramped up the tyranny, instead of easing up.

Now, he’s receiving backlash of all manner including from dozens of members of the Canadian clergy. The clergy members wrote an open letter to Trudeau and other government officials charging them with ignoring, brushing aside, and insulting Canadians who have protested and used “every lawful means at our disposal” to send the message to the Canadian government that they want their freedoms back.

The letter was shared online at Liberty Coalition Canada, a group that works to oppose the “breakdown of liberty” in the nation, educating citizens on human and constitutional rights.

The clergy members said they were writing the letter as representatives of those in the country who are “law-abiding citizens who respect the God-defined role of civil government and uphold the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the highest law of our land, which recognizes the supremacy of God over all human legislation.”

In the name of “public health safety,” the Canadian government has imposed a wide range of church closures, vaccination mandates and mask requirements. They’ve checked all the boxes on the COVID tyranny checklist.

According to the ministers, they’ve worked for two years “respectfully and peaceably” to express their concerns over the governments’ “indefinite suspension of civil liberties, coercive mandates and perpetual state interference in the life, freedom and worship of the church – freedoms guaranteed by both our inherited Common Law tradition and Charter.”

“We have used every lawful means at our disposal to be heard and taken seriously. Yet at every turn, we have been largely ignored, brushed aside, insulted and even told we in no way represent Canadians,” they said.

They also pointed to the “hugely popular truckers convoy containing many Christians (including pastors)” that has captured the attention of Canadians and people around the world.

“The Ottawa protest has presented your government with a wonderful opportunity to meet with and speak to ordinary Canadians lawfully and peaceably requiring the restoration of their constitutional rights. However, in response to their singing, praying, dancing, candy floss, bouncy castles, speeches about the constitution and outpourings of patriotic love for the country, your government has not only refused to meet with these citizens to hear their concerns, you have insulted, denigrated and lied about them, further dividing a hurting and broken nation,” they warned.

The letter then laid into Trudeau:

As ambassadors of Christ, whilst we respect your office as a public servant and honor the limited role of civil authority as a ministry of public justice, we do not hesitate to fulfill our responsibility as servants of the living God by unapologetically reminding you that Jesus Christ is Lord and King and the ruler of the kings of the earth. He sets up kings and pulls down the mighty from their thrones and none can stay his hand.”

Now therefore, be wise, O kings; Be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, and you perish in the way, When His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all those who put their trust in Him. (Ps. 2: 10-12)

They noted that the issue is Trudeau’s government breaking up the lawful and peaceful protests and intimidating and bullying protesters.

They pointed out that Trudeau is “neither king nor the rule of Canada” and that he and his government “are public servants sent for a short time to Parliament at our behest as citizens to govern under God in terms of the Canadian Charter and to seek a harmony of public legal interest. You do not grant people rights and responsibilities that are theirs as God’s image-bearers and a free people. Since you do not grant them, you have no authority to remove them.”

They continue, “Your government does not grant people the right to their bodily integrity, the right to work or earn a living, the right to decide for their children or to be with their families or dying loved ones, the right to gather to worship and obey God, the right to travel in their own land or enter and leave. Civil government exists to protect these pre-political and fundamental freedoms, not bestow and remove them as if it can function in the place of God.”

Therefor, they wrote, they condemn “in the strongest possible terms” Trudeau’s decision essentially to declare martial law under the Emergency Powers Act (1988) with the “intent of bringing unaccountable state power to bear on peaceful citizens – ‘men women and children’ – who have been stripped of their fundamental freedoms for two years and who have in many cases lost everything as a result of your government’s mandates.”

In fact, his actions “are exposing this government and people to the judgment of God, and we are deeply concerned that you do not appreciate the significance of God’s wrath upon a rebellious and lawless nation.”

He should, in fact, they told him, “step back from the brink.”

Will anything get Trudeau’s attention? Will any amount of pleading and protesting cause him to reconsider his heavy-handed, tyrannical approach to the COVID “pandemic?” Only time will tell.

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