BREAKING: Kamala Harris Makes Stunning Admission About Biden

(Rallying Patriots) – The world’s most unlikeable, arrogant, disingenuous political leader, Kamala Harris, took the time out of her busy schedule baby-sitting Joe Biden to do an interview with CBS host Gayle King on Wednesday, after the abysmal State of the Union address Tuesday night.

During the exchange, Harris admitted, perhaps unwittingly, that Americans “are struggling” under Joe Biden and his destructive economic policies and that “it’s too expensive for working families.”

“Let’s talk about high priorities when it comes to inflation. The new CBS poll found 70% of Americans disapprove of the administration’s handling of inflation. What do you say to those people? Is it that gas prices are just too high? I can’t get peanut butter? Everything costs more? What are you going to do?” King bluntly asked Harris.

Harris started her response with her annoying trademark, “Listen,” before saying, “people are struggling, especially working people in terms of the price of gas and food. And the reasons include what we need to do to address what happened through the pandemic in terms of supply chain issues, which was a reduction of the availability of goods and so the prices went up. We also need to deal with one of the biggest issues, which is the cost of living. It’s too expensive for working families,” Harris replied and appeared to be not only blaming the so-called pandemic but Biden’s policies as well.

Harris, however, conveniently forgot to mention the trillions of dollars the federal government has had magically printed which has caused the nation’s debt to skyrocket resulting in more struggles for the American people who were just prospering under President Trump.

The interview with King covered all the issues from Ukraine to domestic matters but ultimately ended up on the left’s favorite talking point, voting “rights.”

“But there was very little mention, very little mention of voting rights. Does this mean that that issue is on the back burner for the administration at this point in time?” the radical left King asked.

“The president has said over and over again, and we have made very clear, that this is about protecting America’s democracy against those various states in particular and state legislators and governors who are in a full-on assault on the right of every American who is eligible to actually be able to vote… laws that are being passed that would make it illegal to give somebody who’s standing in line to vote food and water is outrageous. Laws that are being passed that make it more difficult for people to drop their ballot off in a dropbox,” Harris asserted, taking delight in her grandstanding.

Harris also appeared on “Good Morning America” Wednesday where leftist host George Stephanopoulos asked her softball questions about domestic issues to which Harris responded with downright lies and propaganda and called them “facts.”

“Well, the facts are that in one year we have created over six million jobs. The fact is that we have grown the economy at a faster rate than has been grown in 40 years, I think since the Reagan era. Those are the facts,” Harris asserted.

The real fact is the nation just hit a 40-year inflation high.

“And the American people certainly are not feeling it right now, at least that’s what’s showing up in the polls. Can the president provide the kind of relief that is necessary to prevent a Democratic rout in November?” Stephanopoulos asked.

Clearly the American people aren’t feeling this so-called booming economy because it’s a lie. As to Stephanopoulos’ question, Harris gave her typical babbling, non-answer, saying, “the president made clear last night part of what we as leaders in the United States, both in the Congress and in the executive branch, need to do is we need to pay attention to the needs of American families.”

So apparently the answer is to just keep lying and insisting that everything is better than it’s been in 40 years and hopefully the American people will eventually just believe it, even if they’re more broke, down and out than ever before.

This administration is a joke.

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  1. Harris needs her on comedy show!!! She only knows comedy!! Cackles only knows nothing relevant to solve the real issues !!!! Who is she trying to snow?
    Like the Keystone Cops, Harris IN Wonderland!!! How about the Twilight Zone?
    We are in deep trouble and it’s getting worse!! Americana lost more than an
    election : ( sad for us all the pain is wide spread……


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