BREAKING: Disney Unleashes ‘Gayest Kids Movie Yet’ On America

(Rallying Patriots) – Disney, a corporation that once prided itself on providing wholesome family entertainment and magical escapism from the harsh realities of life for both adults and children, seems bound and determined to completely implode their business in a bid to go as woke as possible and shove progressive indoctrination of the LGBTQ agenda down the throats of the average American.

A new report from Infowars has revealed that hot off Disney’s contention with the state of Florida over the Florida’s Parents Rights bill — also wrongly known as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — the company has now released its “gayest movie yet” for young audiences, which seems to feature a totally androgynous main star.

A trailer for the company’s newest live-action film, Better Nate Than Ever, stars Rueby Wood in the role of “Nate Foster,” a child who dreams of becoming a star on Broadway.

Radical left-wingers over at The Daily Beast have dubbed the new Disney flick as the “Gayest Kids Movie Yet,” going on to suggest there will even be gayer stuff to come in the future, describing the film as “gloriously queer-positive,” which is a very creepy and odd thing to say about a flick that is supposedly geared toward kids.

The Beast went so far as to say its possible the film’s main character could discover he’s gay one day.

“There are hints that Nate is likely going to realize he is gay one day, which is obvious to everyone, though that label is never articulated. Not everyone at age 13 is capable of processing or understanding that about themselves; I certainly was not. But it is a film about how cool that could be for him. It is a film about following your dreams, finding your tribe, and learning that there are people out there who will be ecstatic to love you for who you are, as you are. It is a film about the gorgeous, unbreakable bond between a gay boy and his single aunt,” the publication said.

The director of the film, Tim Federle, who is himself openly gay, recently told Out Magazine that he intentionally made the protagonist of the film queer curious.

“When I was 13, I did not have the word for it yet, I just had the hunch and I felt different but I was also excited about it because I thought that that queer element of my identity made me see the world in a different lens that was completely not adult,” Federle goes on to tell Out about the intentionality of main character Nate knowing he’s queer and different than everyone else in his life, but still not exactly what it is called just yet. “It was about identity and expression and creativity and emotionality. Nate doesn’t say the word because Nate’s still figuring it out in real-time. And I do think it’s a very adult prism to want to put labels on people, and that the fundamental experience of growing up is that you get to try on a lot of different hats until you find the one that fits.”

“The Gay Times reports, ‘In the original novel, which Federle also wrote, Nate is routinely bullied for being gay and is often met with homophobic slurs from the high school jocks, although he admits he’s “undecided” on his sexual orientation,'” Infowars reported.

“The movie’s release comes as the Walt Disney Corporation found itself at the center of a groomer controversy after coming out against the Florida bill banning teachers from discussing sexuality with K-3 students, with Disney CEO Bob Chapek eventually voicing his opposition to the bill,” the report continued.

“The film also comes after footage surfaced of Disney execs discussing the company’s ‘not-at-all-secret gay agenda’ during a virtual meeting, where Disney corporate president Karey Burke complained, ‘We have many, many, many LGBTQIA characters in our stories and yet, we don’t have enough leads,'” the report added.

These folks are no longer hiding the fact they want your kids to think that homosexuality is natural and normal. Not only that, they want to start grooming them to accept this sort of perversion while they are in kindergarten and not even in the slightest bit concerned about sexuality. Why would they want to do something like this? Why are they so adamant about brainwashing kids?

The simple answer is they want to completely annihilate the bond between parents and their children. It’s the reason why they continually try to undermine parents and separate their kids from them on matters of health care, teaching sexuality, and a number of other issues.

When they destroy this bond, they create a new parental bond that exists between the state and the kids. Children will grow into adults who think the government is their parent and thus, they should listen to the government and be loyal to the state. It’s gross, but this is how socialism gains a permanent hold over a society.

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