Bombshell Documents Reveal Feds Paid News Outlets To Praise Vaccines

(Rallying Patriots) – According to WND, it has recently been revealed that one of the COVID “vaccines,” which was being pushed hard by both the federal government and the pharmaceutical industry on Americans, many of them opposed to the idea of actually taking it, over the last two years can actually cause acute kidney injury, acute flaccid myelitis, anti-sperm antibody positive, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, and cardiogenic shock.

This is a perfect testament to why you should never, under any circumstances, allow yourself to be forced into taking something that has not been thoroughly tested for potential side effects, both short term and long term. Vaccines for this virus were rushed out the door before enough testing was done to really deem them safe.

“And among the 1,291 adverse side effects listed in an appendix of one federal report also are central nervous system vasculitis, deep vein thrombosis, encephalitis brain stem, encephalitis hemorrhagic, frontal lobe epilepsy, foaming at mouth, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, gastrointestinal amyloidosis and generalized tonic-clonic seizure,” the report said.

“Also Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, hepatic vascular thrombosis, herpes zoster reactivation, immune-mediated hepatitis, interstitial lung disease, jugular vein embolism, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, liver injury and low birth weight,” the report continued.

That’s just scratching the surface. There are actually hundreds more.

And now it’s been revealed that as Americans were dealing with all of those potential life-threatening issues due to the vaccine they were being forced to take or lose their ability to provide for their families, the federal government was paying $1 billion to news outlets in order to promote getting the jab.

“The Blaze reported through a Freedom of Information Act procedure, it found that the government purchased advertising from ABC, CBS and NBC as well as cable news stations Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, ‘legacy media publications including the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Washington Post, digital media companies like BuzzFeed News and Newsmax, and hundreds of local newspapers and TV stations,'” WND reported.

The report then went on to explain, “These outlets were collectively responsible for publishing countless articles and video segments regarding the vaccine that were nearly uniformly positive about the vaccine in terms of both its efficacy and safety.”

Mat Staver, the chairman of Liberty Counsel, which has been an active force fighting against vaccine mandates, went on to say, “People have been injured and died as a result of the most extensive propaganda campaign in U.S. history and it was paid for with our taxpayer dollars.”

“These COVID shots are neither safe nor effective. However, the American public has been given propaganda instead of truth from the news media. Sadly, most of the American corporate media has been paid off by the Biden administration to publish propaganda. The consequence is that many people have needlessly suffered as a result of the censorship and propaganda,” he added.

Staver’s organization, Liberty Counsel, then explained that according to the investigation, Congress appropriated $1 billion in fiscal 2021 for the secretary of health to hand out to “strengthen vaccine confidence in the United States.”

Yes, that’s right. The federal government paid news outlets $1 billion to create positive propaganda for the still highly experimental — and if we’re being honest, still quite dangerous — COVID-19 vaccine as a means of trying to persuade folks to get the shots.

“Then hundreds of news organizations were paid by the federal government to advertise for the shots as part of a comprehensive media campaign by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,” the organization went on to say in its report.

The huge influx of money helped to create a “national initiative to increase public confidence in and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines,” the report went on to say, by having “trusted messengers and influencers” chat up news outlets and organizations in order to “provide factual, timely information and steps people can take to protect themselves, their families, and their communities.”

“TheBlaze reported the newsrooms then did not tell their audiences that they were getting paid to promote the vaccination agenda, as ‘common practice dictates that editorial teams operate independently of media advertising departments and news teams felt no need to make the disclosure, as some publications reached for comment explained,'” WND reported.

TheBlaze’s report then explained that federal laws allow HHS to give out cash to “carry out a national, evidence-based campaign to increase awareness and knowledge of the safety and effectiveness of vaccines for the prevention and control of diseases, combat misinformation about vaccines, and disseminate scientific and evidence-based vaccine-related information, with the goal of increasing rates of vaccination across all ages… to reduce and eliminate vaccine-preventable diseases.”

The report then revealed that some of the ads were “fear-based,” featuring patients being allowed to warn other people to take the experimental shots.

“Some, including Shani George of the Washington Post, said the newsroom is ‘completely independent’ from advertising personnel, and the Los Angeles Times issued a similar comment,” WND said in its report.

However, some articles “reported pro-vaccine statements from CDC director Rochelle Walensky, FDA official Peter Marks, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, and University of California, San Francisco epidemiologist George Rutherford,” and then went on to show how “boosters work.”

Another article advised readers on how they could go about convincing “vaccine-hesitant people in their lives to change their minds.”

TheBlaze also reported, “Since the COVID-19 vaccines manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson were given emergency approval for use in the United States last year, more than 215 million Americans have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. An estimated 94.6 million people have also received at least one booster dose. About 65% of the U.S. population has now been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including 75% of U.S. adults and 88.8% of seniors.”

According to the folks at Liberty Counsel, Emerald Robinson, who is an independent journalist who formerly worked as the chief White House correspondent for both Newsmax and One America News, reported that she was contacted by a whistleblower working inside Newsmax that confirmed executives for the outlet had agreed to take cash from Biden’s HHS in order to push only positive coverage of the COVID shots.

Liberty Counsel then reported, “Robinson was also contacted by top Newsmax executives in 2021 and told to stop any negative coverage of the COVID shots. Newsmax told her ‘it was problematic’ and she was warned many times by multiple executives. She was also contacted by PR experts who worked with Newsmax and was told that medical experts and doctors who might say negative things about the injections would not be booked as guests.”

The organization then stated that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recently admitted that it withheld critical COVID-19 data from the public because the agency thought it would be ‘misinterpreted’ and cause ‘vaccine hesitancy’ since it weakens the case for booster shots in certain demographics. Apparently, the CDC has been collecting detailed data on COVID-19 infections in the United States and organized it by age, race and vaccination status. However, the agency withheld detailed information to the public about breakthrough cases, hospitalizations and deaths, which it has been collecting since the beginning of the COVID shot rollout in 2021.”

A spokeswoman who works for the CDC spoke with the NY Times recently saying that the data was withheld for “fear that the information might be misinterpreted.”

In conclusion, TheBlaze stated that, “virtually all of these newsrooms produced stories covering the COVID-19 vaccines, the taxpayer dollars flowing to their companies were not disclosed to audiences in news reports.”

This is why you should never trust a word that comes from any sort of mainstream media news outlet. They are bought and paid for by the federal government to be propaganda pushers.

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