[VIDEO] Confused Biden Leaves Kimmel Audience Baffled

(Rallying Patriots) – There has yet to be a single time when Joe Biden has spoken in public and not made a complete fool of himself.

Wednesday was no exception when he made an appearance on the ABC late-night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The list of gaffes and slip-ups just keeps growing every time Biden opens his mouth.

On Wednesday, Biden surely felt right at home on Kimmel’s show considering Kimmel’s about as radical left as they come; remember he was in favor of denying medical care to the unvaccinated.

There is no greater supporter of Joe Biden and the left than Kimmel and his audience but even his audience was left speechless as Biden bumbled and fumbled through the interview, at one point claiming the US has 50 presidents.

Joe Biden can’t resist embarrassing himself even during softball interviews where the host is handling him with kiddie gloves. While discussing his difficulties with the Democrat-controlled Senate, Joe Biden asserted that America has 50 presidents. Huh?

He didn’t miss the opportunity to repeat the lie that he received 81 million votes during the 2020 election, “more than anybody’s ever gotten,” to which the crowd responded by clapping briefly only after Biden thanked those who voted for him.

Biden then went on to point out that the so-called “most voted for presidential candidate in history” doesn’t have enough muster to get it done in the Senate.

The way Biden explained it, however, was totally confusing.

“What’s happened to me is, you know, we still only ended up with 50 senators, which means that we have 50 presidents,” he said.

It’s pretty clear that someone was either not teaching civics when Biden was in school or that he wasn’t attending because that is not at all what it means.

Kimmel, a good leftist sycophant, did his best to bolster Biden’s bizarre claim. He tried to quickly rescue the situation.

He interjected, “And two of them are kind of, um, iffy I think, uh, at best,” stammering in his haste to move the conversation along. It’s just a good thing he was able to interpret what Biden was even trying to say.

Kimmel was referring to moderate Democratic Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who have blocked some of Biden’s most radical moves.

Imagine if President Trump had said such a nonsensical, baffling statement. It would be headline news and the partisan talking heads on the mainstream media shows would rake him over the coals for an entire 24-hour news cycle, at least.

Biden, however, gets a pass.

It’s more than likely Biden just mentally checked out mid-thought as he often does. This is nothing new for Biden and something we’ve all grown accustomed to. Yet, no matter how many times he spews utter nonsense, it doesn’t get any less embarrassing.

Biden claims to be the most voted for president in US history yet Democrats got their butts handed to them on the down-ticket which is why they have only been able to maintain control of the Senate by the slimmest of margins.

The Democrats only have control of the 50-50 split Senate with vice president Kamala Harris acting as the tie-breaker.

This is why they are so desperate to get rid of the filibuster which requires a 60 vote supermajority for the cloture to move major legislation along. The Democrats, of course, would rather be able to pass legislation with a simple majority.

Things aren’t much better for the Biden regime in the House. Democrats only have a small majority there too of 220 to 208, with seven vacancies.

It won’t take much for Republicans to take control of Congress come November but we can only assume that Democrats are fully aware of how difficult it’s been to take over the US with these numbers in Congress and are likely working out ways to rig the midterms in their favor.

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  1. “we can only assume that Democrats are fully aware of how difficult it’s been to take over the US with these numbers in Congress and are likely working out ways to rig the midterms in their favor.”
    – – – – – – – – – –
    They’re already doing that with another sham investigation on what they’re saying was an “insurrection” spewed on by DJTrump. By having this one-sided committee, all Democrats, two RINO’s, and a Democrat Judge, they feel they have enough evidence to keep Trump off the ticket in 2024. NOT SO!

    The video they showed left out all the people who were ushered into the White House by the Capitol cops and were only taking pictures while mulling around as if they were tourists. Pelosi is the person who is in charge of the WH security and she refused the protection of the National Guard. SHE’S the person the committee should be investigating.

    Everybody I talked to feels Pelosi allowed this to happen so the Democrats would have something to nail Trump with. This committee is another sham just like the two sham impeachments of Trump. However, in his speech he told everyone to “go peacefully” to the White House to protest the election.

    Where are the indictments for all the BLM and Antifa rioters who burned, looted, and destroyed people’s businesses and their livlihoods the summer of 2020?

    The Democrats are going to get their a$$e$ kicked in November 2022 and again in 2024. It’s time they rethink their socialist agenda and go back to a party that’s FOR AMERICA AND FOR THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY or their party will be TOTALLY wiped out in future elections.


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