Must-See: Schumer Erases First Black Supreme Court Justice

(Rallying Patriots) – Now that Joe Biden is going to get the opportunity to nominate a new justice to the Supreme Court, he’s vowed to nominate a black woman for the position.

It’s literally the only qualification Biden seems to care about or require. That’s not racist or discriminatory at all (sarcasm).

Naturally, the Democrat minions in Congress are falling sycophantically behind their leader and vehemently insisting that it’s some kind of moral obligation to nominate a black woman to the nation’s highest court.

Outside of skin color, Biden will no doubt be looking for the most radical leftist he can find to install in the court to ensure our rights and freedoms will be trampled on for years to come. Fortunately, the liberals in the court will not be a majority, yet.

In a show of support for Biden and his racist pledge, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) asserted on Thursday, during remarks from the Senate floor, that the SCOTUS was “all white men” until 1981. The only problem is that’s a blatant lie.

“The president’s pledge to name a black woman to the Supreme Court is historic,” he said.

“There have been 115 justices who have sat on the court since 1789,” he continued.

“Only five of them have ever been women. None until 1981,” Schumer noted, referring to former President Ronald Reagan’s appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor that year.

“Only two have been African-American, but never, never has there been an African-American woman,” the majority leader said, adding that black women “still make up barely 6 percent of the federal judiciary.”

Looking up from the lectern, Schumer seemed to go off-script which turned out to be a mistake, “And amazing, until 1981, this powerful body, the Supreme Court, was all white men.”

“Imagine. America wasn’t all white men in 1981, or ever,” he said.

“Under President Biden and this Senate majority, we’re taking historic steps to make the courts look more like the country they serve,” the majority leader said.

Because that’s what’s most important, not the Constitution or the law.

In his zeal to support Biden and his racist promise to appoint a black woman to the court, he forgot that Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the first black justice in 1967, Thurgood Marshall.

Marshall served on the bench until 1991 when Justice Clarence Thomas took over his seat.

To be fair, Schumer did correct the record later in a tweet in which he said, “Sorry that I misspoke earlier today. Of course, I remember the dedication and legal excellence that Thurgood Marshall brought to the Supreme Court.”

Of course, people make mistakes. That shouldn’t ever be a reason for demonization but the reality is, had a Republican forgotten to acknowledge the first black justice on the Supreme Court they never would have been able to skate with a casual, flippant apology on Twitter.

The left would have been in an outrage over the “racist” Republicans trying to “erase” the legacy of a black man in America.

There would have been charges of white supremacy and calls for the Republicans’ head on a stake. Similar to how they’ve reacted to Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) objections to placing a justice on the SCOTUS bench simply because of their color and gender.

Forget “white privilege,” it’s more like “leftist privilege.”

Sen. Cruz correctly pointed out on his “Verdict with Ted Cruz” podcast, that not only is Biden’s pledge racist and discriminatory to all those who are not black women but it’s also equally condescending and insulting to black women.

“If he came and said, ‘I’m gonna put the best jurist on the court,’ and he looked at a number of people and he ended up nominating a black woman, he could credibly say, ‘OK, I’m nominating the person who’s most qualified.’ He’s not even pretending to say that,” Cruz pointed out.

“He’s saying, ‘If you’re a white guy, tough luck. If you’re a white woman, tough luck. You don’t qualify.’”

It’s thoroughly insulting to reward someone with a job that they may or may not be qualified for simply because of the color of their skin and/or their gender. Don’t expect the types of judges Biden will consider to care though. They’re radicalized in leftist ideology and are, no doubt, depending on their gender and skin color to thrust them to the heights of success they earnestly don’t believe they can achieve in “racist” America on their own merits.

Meanwhile, Cruz gets slammed for speaking the truth and Schumer skates after, accidentally or not, erasing the legacy of a black man.

Sometimes you have to wonder if there’s any hope left for America.

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