ALERT: Soros Dumping MILLIONS Into Texas, Funding Operatives With One Goal In Mind

(Rallying Patriots) – It looks like radical left-wing billionaire George Soros is up to his old tricks again, attempting to flip Texas from a red state over to blue by dumping obscene amounts of money into Democrats who are running for office in the Lone Star State, according to state campaign finance records reviewed by Fox News Digital. Soros has been a thorn in the side of conservatives for a long, long time, having funded a number of district attorneys in cities across the country. This has led to untold numbers of bad guys getting to walk free due to soft-on-crime policies.

The report noted that Soros contributed well over $3 million to five liberal groups in Texas during the course of the last 12 months as a means of trying to help Democrats win more elections and eventually overtake Republicans. Texas is a critical state in the Union and if it ever goes blue it will deal a rather devastating blow to the cause of liberty.

“The financier is single-handedly propelling one of the progressive groups working to accomplish those goals. Fox News Digital reported in August that Texas Majority PAC, a mysterious under-the-radar group positioning itself to turn the state blue, had received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Soros’ Democracy PAC II,” the piece disclosed.

“Texas Majority PAC had not been publicly launched, nor were there any news reports about it at the time. However, it has since come out of the shadows and into the spotlight. A recent report by The Texas Tribune said former staffers from Democrat Beto O’Rourke’s failed gubernatorial campaign operate the group, and it raised nearly $2.25 million last year,” Fox added.

“We need millions of more dollars and hundreds of more full-time staff to do this,” the organization’s executive director, Katherine Fischer, said in statements given to The Texas Tribune last week concerning its fundraising. “Texas Majority PAC works with partners across the state to create the conditions that will make flipping the state possible.”

Recently released Texas campaign finance records show that Soros is behind all of its donations up to this point in time. The billionaire’s Democracy PAC II has provided a staggering $850,000 while he personally gave over $1.4 million. This altogether accounts for the group’s total $2.25 million in funds.

“Mayra Flores, a former Republican congresswoman and the first Mexican-born woman to serve in the House of Representatives, believes Soros is pouring money into the Texas Majority PAC to boost Democrat turnout in 2024 because he doesn’t want Republican Hispanic leaders like her to win over other Hispanics who have traditionally voted blue,” Fox News reported.

“They’re seeing that Hispanics are shifting towards the Republican Party because they’re realizing that we are the party of prosperity, that we want to build a strong economy, that we want to secure the border, that we want to prioritize the people of this country and not prioritize people from outside this country. And I believe that it’s our policies that are winning people over, and the struggle is real,” Flores stated.

“George Soros and the Democratic Party are seeing people like myself that resonate with the Hispanic community,” she continued. “They resonate with me. I resonate with them. We have similar stories. I’m bilingual. I speak Spanish and English. We have similar stories, and we share that bond.”

The reach of Soros into Texas politics is getting rather extensive. He also, as per the finance records, gave $300,000 during the second half of 2023 to CTX Votes, which, strangely enough, has no online presence. That is just a little shady, don’t you think? It almost feels like the billionaire is attempting to keep the group’s activities under the radar.

And that’s not all. He donated $250,000 to the Texas Organizing Project, a group that caught a lot of heat for bailing out a person who had been charged with killing several citizens of the state, including his own mom and dad.

“Additionally, he gave $200,000 to the Dallas County Democratic PAC and $100,000 to a group called First Tuesday, which also does not appear to have an online presence, in the second part of 2023,” the article continued. “Michael Vachon, Soros’ spokesperson who also runs his Democracy PACs, did not respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.”

Guys, it’s critical that conservatives step up their game in Texas. It’s sort of been a given in recent years that Texas is red and would stay that way, but nothing is a guarantee, thus we cannot afford to become complacent. We not only have to fight to gain ground politically, we must defend that which we’ve already taken.

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