CNN Urges Biden To Do This One Thing

(Rallying Patriots) – Van Jones, a contributor with everyone’s least favorite purveyor of fake news, CNN, is suggesting that President Joe Biden employ a special strategy going forward in the 2024 presidential election as former President Donald Trump takes home two big wins in the GOP primary: Hide in the basement.

Which is exactly what Biden did back in 2020 under the guise of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, barely making any public appearances and just conducting interviews with news stations from his basement here and there. This seemed to give him a boost during the election cycle as there weren’t many opportunities for Biden to make a fool of himself or reveal that he’s suffering from massive cognitive decline and other issues. I mean, sure, those things were definitely there and those paying attention could see them, but it wasn’t as obvious as it is now.

The question, of course, is whether or not running and hiding in the basement would actually help him. After all, we’ve had several years worth of his leadership at this point and it’s been one catastrophe after another. I think it’s too little, too late. We already know he’s not cut out for the job and with the big victories Trump is experiencing, I’d say the American people have had enough of Biden.

According to BizPac Review, “CNN contributor Van Jones addressed the elephant in the room on Tuesday following the New Hampshire primary where former President Trump cruised to victory, advising President Biden to stay in his basement. He virtually called for a do-over of the last election where Biden stayed hidden from view. Americans are demanding answers on the economy and the border and even Jones is forced to admit the geriatric world leader ‘doesn’t inspire confidence.'”

The chat started off with former senior adviser to former President Barack Obama, David Axelrod, making the claim that the upcoming general election would be “trench warfare.” CNN host Anderson Cooper then shared his doubt there would be much in the way of legitimate competition between the frontrunners in the race.

“Are they going to hide in the trenches?” Cooper went on to ask the panel. “Is there going to be a campaign trail? …Are there going to be debates?”

Jones then recommended that Biden hide himself away from public for the rest of the presidential race as he “doesn’t inspire confidence.” Ouch. That’s a major burn, especially coming from an absolutely diehard progressive like Jones.

“If I were Biden … I would stay hidden,” Jones declared during the panel’s conversation. “And I’ll tell you why — he doesn’t inspire confidence. And he’s not a great messenger for himself. He has done a tremendous job for this economy. Union members, union leaders … are racking up win after win; they should be put forward.”

“There’s something wrong with this campaign, where we’re somehow expecting Joe Biden, who frankly hid during the last campaign, to come out now and be Flash Gordon and save his own campaign. The people who are benefiting from the Biden economy, and they exist, should be empowered to speak,” the former special advisor to Barack Obama went on to say.

BPR then rightly noted that there isn’t any justification that Biden can use for hiding in the basement this time around. The COVID crisis is over. Voters want answers for his time in office and the horrendous policies he’s enacted that have decimated our economy, not to mention the lack of action at the border.

“The Democrat Party is rallying around their flawed and wounded incumbent but many rank-and-file Democrats are very concerned about his age as well as his mental and physical acuity,” BPR said. “Even bookies are betting on Trump’s return to the White House. They don’t even believe that Biden will be the actual Democrat nominee.”

“Bookmakers now say The Donald’s chances of returning to the White House have reached an all-time high, with more bets taken on Michelle Obama than Joe Biden,” the Daily Mail stated in its report.

“Still, Betfair Exchange gives Biden 1/4 odds of being the Democratic nominee, ahead of the former first lady at 12/1, Gavin Newsom at 17/1, and Kamala Harris at just 41/1,” the outlet added.

Honestly, Trump might end up pulling off an even more decisive victory over Biden this time around than he did against Hillary Clinton when she was the nominee in 2016.

Jones also remarked during the panel, “Part of what we’re looking at with Trump’s strength, his resilience, is really a reflection of Biden’s fragility, Republicans are not afraid of Joe Biden. They’re not afraid. They don’t think that by putting up somebody this damaged, frankly this deranged, this many deficits, is going to hurt them at all — because the polls show over and over again that even with 978 felonies, he’s still neck and neck with Biden.”

“And so, it’s a worrying sign,” he commented. “You’re correct, there are some worrying signs for Trump, but there’s pretty worrying signs for Democrats — that they’re not afraid … they’re not afraid.”

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