WOW! Biden’s Dem Rival Calls Party ‘Delusional,’ Praises Trump Voters

(Rallying Patriots) – Democratic Congressman Dean Phillips of Minnesota is not making any friends in his own political party by being the kind of person who truly speaks his mind and has good things to say about MAGA supporters. Which, in the long run, might hurt his chances of becoming the Democratic nominee for president, a spot he’s currently jockeying for, attempting to primary the incumbent, President Joe Biden. Not many people want to see Biden continue in the race, as he barely knows where he is on any given day and clearly should not be allowed to run for another term.

“The Minnesota moderate who has mounted a longshot challenge to the deeply unpopular incumbent was making the rounds in New Hampshire when CNN caught up to him and his warm words about Trump supporters fell far short of the lies and dehumanizing rhetoric routinely spewed by the divider in chief about tens of millions of loyal Americans,” BizPac Review said in its latest report.

“After telling CNN that he was impressed after he engaged with the Trump voters, he described Democrats as delusional, a term that while perfectly describing leftists will only bring more of their hate than has already been directed at him,” the piece stated.

“I gotta tell you guys, I went to a Donald Trump rally a couple nights ago,” Phillips confessed to the liberal news network. “Never been to one. I had an event across the street, I saw the line of people waiting in the cold for hours and I thought what the heck? I’m going to be a leader who actually invites people, doesn’t condemn them.”

“Met maybe fifty Trump people waiting in line,” he told CNN. “Every single one of them, thoughtful, hospitable, friendly, all of them so frustrated that they feel that nobody is listening to them but Donald Trump.”

“A diverse crowd, people who had never been to a Trump event before, my party is completely delusional right now,” the candidate revealed. “And if that’s my job, so be it.”

Phillips previously spoke with host Jake Tapper regarding his experience mingling about with Trump supporters, making the prediction that Biden will get “creamed” by the former president who has defied all of the attacks against him ever since he first announced his presidential campaign back in 2015. Phillips noted that somehow, Trump has gotten stronger and even more popular with American voters.

The representative’s comments did not sit well with his colleagues, including Democratic Rep. Robert Garcia of California who took to X and posted, “I’m looking forward to Dean getting beat tonight and dropping out soon. His disrespect for the President and the leader of our party is such a reversal from the man I met during my freshman orientation. Hate to see it.”

“Biden easily bested Phillips in Tuesday’s New Hampshire primary despite not being on the ballot on the strength of write-in votes and recently ruled out a third-party run amid speculation that he could join a unity ticket with the centrist No Labels organization that has struck fear into the hearts of establishment Democrats,” BPR concluded.

Always remember, ladies and gentlemen, the Democratic Party is all about groupthink and a hive mind. If you dare break away from the pack and think for yourself, you’ll be hassled, insulted and shamed until you either leave the party or submit. Let’s hope Phillips continues to possess a steel backbone, enabling him to continue thinking independently.

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