PA Sounding Alarm Bells On Voting Machines Ahead Of 2024

(Rallying Patriots) – With all of the shenanigans that happened during the 2020 presidential election, including massive errors coming from voting machines, you’d think issues would be addressed in time for the next presidential election to be held in just one year. You’d be wrong, of course, though you should be right. In fact, as per Warner Todd Huston of The Western Journal, some new complications from voting machines have surfaced in a critical swing state county that has many voters apprehensive about how reliable the equipment will be next November.

“According to reports, voters in Northampton County in Pennsylvania have now experienced at least two elections when voting machines glitched on them, and many are calling for answers ahead of the contentious 2024 elections. The machines reportedly glitched with fraudulent votes in a 2019 race for judge in the county, and while that experience did not become a big deal for many, the problem cropped up again this year. Now, with two glitches in only a few years, county officials are scrambling to reassure voters that the machines are still secure and reliable, Politico reported,” Huston wrote.

“We’re at the peak of mistrust of one another, but until that subsides, counties like ours need to be nearly perfect, and I think this system allows us to do that,” County Executive Lamont McClure said about the issue. Trust among voters for the election system is most definitely at an all-time low. This is dangerous for a number of reasons, chief among them, spreading of the notion that voting doesn’t matter anymore, which could encourage folks to stay home during critical elections that have a profound impact on the future of the United States.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Al Schmidt did what liberals do best and attempted to play a little “pass the buck” by turning the focus of the conversation away from the problematic machines and placing blame on detractors.

“The broader concern is that an incident like this would be misused to undermine confidence in our electoral process,” Schmidt asserted during an interview with Politico. Well, you see, Mr. Schmidt, in order to undermine the confidence Americans have in the electoral process, confidence would have to exist in the first place. After what happened in 2020 between Trump and Biden, there isn’t much of that left.

“Politico went on to note that the 2019 election was the first year Northampton County rolled out the touchscreen machines made by Election Systems & Software. The rollout, though, was troubled when votes for a Democratic candidate for judge were seriously undercounted,” Huston noted. “There were also problems in a local election for judges in Nov. 7 of this year when voters reported that the paper printout of their votes did not match what they chose on the touchscreen machine. Apparently, the machines switched some votes to a different candidate on the paper printout of the ballot.”

Even though these new problems have popped up, McClure went on to claim that there are enough safeguards within the system that voters need not worry.

“One of the things I’ve learned through ‘19 and ‘23 is that the machines that we have have a great deal of redundancy built in,” he remarked.

However, despite the assurances being made by McClure, many poll workers, voters, and election security officials divulged that issues over the last two elections ended up causing quite a bit of confusion on Nov. 7, pointing out that many residents of the Northampton County area are not feeling so secure about the current system in place.

“Since 2019, the theory has been well, that was a big mistake, but we caught it and we’ve implemented new processes to make sure nothing like that would ever happen again,” the chair of the Northampton County Democratic Party, Matthew Munsey went on to say about the machine glitches.

“I don’t know how we can restore trust with these machines,” he continued.

“McClure countered the concerns with his claim that the vote switching was an error programmed into the machines by an ES&S employee when testing the machines ahead of the election,” the piece revealed. Not really sure how that is supposed to make people feel better. Regardless of who is at fault, American voters are afraid their voices won’t be heard at the ballot box. This has to be addressed in a way that includes a whole lot more than just words.

“But voters say that when the glitch in 2019 occurred — which county officials also claimed was an ’employee error’ — they were told not to worry about it because the paper ballots were recording the real vote when the touchscreen seemed to show something different. But this year, the issue was the mirror reverse of the 2019 problem, yet they are still being told not to worry about it,” Huston continued in his article.

“In 2019, when the issues came up with the touchscreens, we were told, ‘Don’t worry about it. The cards are recording the votes,’” Northampton County Republican Committee Chair Glenn Geissinger stated. “OK, you’re telling me now, in 2023, ‘Don’t worry about what’s printed on the card?’”

Officials within the county attempted to calm fears by pointing out the issue was resolved quickly, but people are still weary of machines.

“They were saying, ‘Don’t trust the thing that’s supposed to validate your ballot,’” Northampton poll worker John Walker commented to Politico. “That doesn’t instill confidence in the system at a time when it has never been more important to do so.”

Huston closed out his article by saying, “Ultimately, many are not mollified by the assurances of state and county officials. Kevin Skoglund, president and chief technologist of Citizens for Better Elections, had a typical reaction by finding the whole situation to be exasperating. ‘Our concerns kept getting dismissed by people,’ he said.”

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  1. The machine can ONLY do what it is told to do. There is no such thing as a computer error, only a programming input “problem” telling to do what the programmer wants it to do.
    If the programmer wants the voting machine to accurately record the votes and programs it to do so, it will but if the programmer wants a particular candidate to win, that candidate will win because the machine will follow the program that was installed by the programmer.
    In 2020 the programmers were mostly Democrats or Democrat sympathizers, thus a Democrat “won” because the programmers wanted Biden to win. If they had been paid sufficiently, Trump would have “won” instead.
    In order to avoid the unavoidable problem with machines that are programed by humans to do what the programmer wants them to do, we MUST return to ALL PAPER ballots, filled out AT THE POKKS, on VOTING DAY and hand counted by ALL THREE PARTIES.
    Machine and mail-in ballots are only good for the Democrats to cheat.

  2. All the states issuing drivers license to non citizens must be held accountable to make sure those individuals are not loaded into eligible voters especially into ERIC because once enter into ERIC you are not able to question citizenship status. Wisconsin had 5million names on the voter rolls above the eligible voter age residents in the state. This is an opportunity for cheating by creating ballots to cast votes. It should be the responsibility of the elected officials to make sure that all opportunities for casting illegal ballots or dropping extra ballots not belonging to an eligible voter be totally eliminated so cheaters can not cheat. Procedures to remove deceased individuals immediately from the vote rolls should be mandatory. Every property owner or landlord should be able to verify eligible voters on the voting records and remove names for anyone not residing at that address. There should be a method for landlords to notify officials when a person exits an apartment so that record is updated immediately and owners should be able to verify that no one is listed for their property address that isn’t currently residing at that address.


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