MUST-SEE: Easter Bunny Has To Give ‘Lost’ Joe Biden Directions

(Rallying Patriots) – You know Joe Biden’s mental state has taken an all-time low when he needs to receive directions from the Easter Bunny. How can you not feel embarrassed to have this man as your commander-in-chief when he needs to be corralled around by a person wearing a giant bunny suit?

Is it any wonder the rest of the civilized world is laughing at us right now? Geesh.

According to a report from U.K. publication, the Daily Mail, Biden was interrupted talking to people on Monday by the Easter Bunny. Apparently he was filmed chatting with reporters and a few guests at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll when he started to talk about the situation in Afghanistan eight months after his disastrous troop pullout which led to the nation being taken back over by the Taliban after having American boots on the ground there for 20 years.

“The president, 79, started to answer Afghan reporter Nazira Karimi’s question and was heard saying: ‘Pakistan should not and Afghanistan should be — people should be free…'” the report said.

“But Meghan Hays, a White House press official and director of message planning who was dressed as the Easter Bunny, then quickly interrupted him and ushered him away in a desperate bid to avoid another gaffe,” the Daily Mail continued.

It did not take members of the GOP on social media platforms like Twitter to start mocking the moment.

“How bad does the White House staff have to think Biden is to calculate that sending in the EASTER BUNNY to interrupt a gaggle is better optics than whatever he was about to say on Afghanistan?” former Orrin Hatch aide Matt Whitlock posted.

In a different angle you can hear Biden saying something about both Pakistan and Afghanistan right when the Easter Bunny pops up to direct him where he needs to go.

Senator Josh Hawley’s press secretary Abigail Marone went on to post, “Why is the Easter Bunny directing the President of the United States.”

Former California House candidate Buzz Patterson also shared his thoughts about the incident, stating, “Some staffer in a bunny outfit interrupts the most important person in the world. Only in Biden’s America.”

“Meghan McCain, daughter of late Arizona Senator and 2008 presidential candidate John McCain, criticized Biden’s staff for allowing the moment to happen,” the Daily Mail reported.

‘The absolute distrust and disrespect our President’s staff has for him and his capabilities to lead and speak in public is disgraceful,’ McCain stated in a post on Twitter.

“Shame on his team, shame on them. Why are they treating him like this? Because all this does is alarm the American public watching this,” she continued.

“The president and first lady Jill Biden welcomed children to a rainy White House on Monday for some egg-citement – the first Easter Egg Roll of their tenure,” the Daily Mail said. “Among the crowd were family members including first son Hunter Biden, his wife Melissa and baby Beau, along with first daughter Ashley and grand-daughter Natalie.”

“The joy, the laughter, and the occasional – at least with my young grandson, who’s only two – the occasional, “There’s the Easter Bunny’ – a little startled sometimes. But the joy and the laughter is something that has been a wonderful tradition here at the White House for a long, long time,” the president stated, going on to bring up baby Beau.

Again, this is an incredibly embarrassing moment for us as a country. But hey, just add it to the list right? Biden has produced an endless assortment of these kind of moments since taking office.

Farting in front of the Royal Family. Wandering away from the Secret Service. And tons of other moments.

This guy can’t leave office fast enough.

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