BREAKING: Jan. 6 Convicts Freed

(Rallying Patriots) – Two January 6 defendants are no doubt celebrating today, after being released from prison thanks to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. SCOTUS is taking an opportunity to review the legitimacy of ‘obstructing an official proceeding’, one of the main crimes the Justice Department has been bringing against people who entered the Capitol building during all the chaos that unfolded on that day three years ago.

It seems more and more likely that the deep state has weaponized the Justice Department as a means of lashing out at those who support former President Donald Trump, attempting to intimidate them into silence by making an example out of a few individuals who were present at the time the riot outside the Capitol took place.

“The legal challenge brought by Jan. 6 defendant Joseph Fischer accuses prosecutors of using an overly broad interpretation of ‘obstructing an official proceeding’ to launch hundreds of cases stemming from the Capitol riot, including against former President Donald Trump,” The Washington Times said.

“The case will be argued before the high court in the spring with a decision expected by the end of June. But until then, at least two defendants successfully petitioned for early release pending the decision,” the report continued. It looks as if there are going to be more J6 defendants attempting to be released from behind bars while the DOJ and Supreme Court works through the mess.

“Prosecutors have charged more than 300 of nearly 1,000 Jan. 6 defendants with violating the obstruction statute. At least 152 people were convicted or pleaded guilty to obstructing an official proceeding and more than 100 have been sentenced, according to a tally by The Associated Press,” The Washington Times stated.

On Jan. 10, Judge Amit P. Mehta ordered that Thomas Adams Jr., who was sent to prison after being convicted of obstructing an official proceeding, be released from prison while the highest court in the country reviewed the matter. Adams was slapped with a 14 month sentence, along with three years of supervised probation. He has been in custody since August of last year.

As per Judge Mehta, Adams will not leave the country and it is still possible that SCOTUS would agree with Fischer, which would make the conviction null and void, for lack of a better term.

“The Supreme Court’s decision to review Fischer means, at a minimum, that this case poses a ‘close question,’” Judge Mehta penned in his ruling.

The attorney representing Adams spoke with the court stating that releasing him would not cause any kind of delay, nor did the defendant pose a flight risk, noting that if the felony charge is vacated it could decrease his period of incarceration. As you might have guessed, the federal government was not a fan of releasing Adams, informing the judge that Adams was convicted and did not have the right to be free on bail. Again, it’s clear that there is a vendetta against Trump supporters by those who oppose the former president from the inside and they will do anything to shut up Biden’s political opposition.

Prosecutors also remarked that they were against letting Adams out because he had been convicted of other charges that come with prison time.

“The nature and circumstances of Adams’ offenses were of the utmost seriousness. After entering the Capitol building by walking over broken glass from a window that fellow rioters had smashed, Adams pushed past a line of police and moved with other rioters upstairs to enter the Senate Floor, where he recorded on his cellphone for several minutes before being ejected by police,” prosecutors went on to say in their filing.

“Another Jan. 6 defendant, Alexander Sheppard, successfully petitioned for early release in light of the Supreme Court taking the Fischer case. Sheppard was convicted on the same charge of obstructing an official proceeding, as well as other misdemeanors. He has been incarcerated since November on a 19-month sentence. U.S. District Judge John D. Bates ordered Sheppard released in May after serving just six months due to the high court‘s review of the contested felony obstruction charge,” the article noted.

“The Court agrees with Sheppard’s contention that the Supreme Court‘s grant of the cert petition raises a ‘substantial question’ as to the validity of his … conviction,” Judge Bates wrote in the decision.

John Strand and Kevin Seefried have also been released based on the Supreme Court’s review of the obstruction charge, their motions currently pending.

“About 1,200 people have been charged with crimes related to the Jan. 6 attack, and more than 700 of the defendants have pleaded guilty,” The Washington Times concluded.

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  1. Obviously Trump’s long standing claim that the Federal Government Justice System, including all agencies and judicial organizations, have been weaponized by the Democrat Party, not especially by Joe Biden because the DOJ was attacking Trump as soon as he announced he would run for President the first time.
    Also, this is born out by looking at the two sided justice system where Trump is being prosecuted for, as President, removing some declassified documents and, accidentally, some that he (with the authority that he had) had not yet declassified from the White House at the end of his term in office, while Biden, as vice-president, who had neither the authority to posses these documents outside the White House nor to declassify them, removed CLASSIFIED documents, disseminated their contents to others OUTSIDE our government, grossly mishandled them by keeping them in completely unsecured offices and storage areas, including strewn about his garage, is NOT being prosecuted.
    We have seen, ever since Biden took office and before, that the Democrats can do anything and that no matter how heinous the crime, the DOJ will do nothing and that no matter how disgusting the CRIME the judges will not find a Democrat guilty.


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