A ‘Bad [Bleep]’: Biden’s Ruthless Betrayal Of Bibi Netanyahu Exposed

(Rallying Patriots) – President Joe Biden, like many leftists in today’s political climate, does not really seem to be a true friend of Israel. This is confirmed by the fact that he has referred to the country’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as a “bad f*****g guy” in private conversations, a column that was released by Politico over the weekend revealed. What an upstanding man we have in the White House representing our country on the geopolitical stage. Biden is an embarrassment.

Andrew Bates, a spokesperson for the White House, has come out and denied that Biden ever made such a reference to Netanyahu, stating, “the president did not say that, nor would he,” and then stressed that the two leaders have a “decades long relationship that is respectful in public and in private.”

The Jerusalem Post noted, “Biden and Netanyahu have had a tense relationship in the past year, amid disagreements concerning the government’s judicial reform plan, the behavior of far-right members of the government, and the government’s plans concerning Gaza. Earlier in 2023, Biden urged Netanyahu to ‘walk away’ from the judicial reform plan in light of the massive protests that swept Israel concerning the plan, with Netanyahu responding that he would not make decisions based on ‘pressures from abroad.'”

“Additionally, while the Biden administration is pushing for a framework that would eventually lead to the creation of a Palestinian state, Netanyahu has rejected any plan to establish a Palestinian state in statements in recent weeks,” the article said.

Back in January, a piece from NBC disclosed that the Biden administration was meeting with individuals within the Knesset opposition and those who represent civil society as they are expecting a government in the future to not be led by Netanyahu.

Yeah, that hardly sounds like two men who are as thick as thieves.

But let’s not forget that Biden has a reputation for being the kind of guy who drops F-bombs willy-nilly.

BizPac Review divulged, “Biden has referred to Trump as a ‘sick f**k’ and a ‘f**king a**hole,’ Politico reported last week and the dyspeptic Democrat has a reputation for his volcanic temper and blue language.”

The report then goes on to say that, according to Politico writer Jonathan Martin, Biden is worried that Netanyahu is eager to pull the United States into a bigger war within the Middle East on the side of Israel, which would deeply anger pro-Hamas leftists in the Democratic Party who are already throwing a fit over the lack of a ceasefire in the skirmish between Israel and the terrorist organization.

Martin writes about a conversation with an unnamed House Democrat who told him about a dinner with eight colleagues who, as per the source, represent a “cross-section of the caucus ideologically and generationally.”

“It was unanimous that this Israel-Gaza war needed to end now and that Biden needed to stand up to Bibi,” the lawmaker went on to say to Martin.

“Biden’s failure to bow to the demands of this anti-Semitic base to force a ceasefire has seen his events disrupted by activists who have heckled him as ‘Genocide Joe’ a nickname that has stuck to him like glue as leftist anger builds and congressional Democrats look to cut off military aid to Israel,” BPR stated in conclusion.

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