Don’t Tread On Me: This Blue State Is Targeting Your Tires

(Rallying Patriots) – The state of Washington is now thinking over a piece of legislation that would enable bureaucrats to stick their nose into yet another area of life that really should not be any of their concern, by banning the sale of certain tires if they do not meet fuel efficiency standards. Have you noticed how the government is creeping more and more into private life and trying to use climate junk as a means of usurping power and control over businesses? Me too.

“HB 2262, which is under consideration by the Washington State House Transportation Committee, would empower the state’s Department of Commerce to ‘adopt energy efficiency standards for replacement tires sold in the state.’ The bill argues that restricting access to certain tires will reduce energy use and lower carbon emissions. The committee on Monday scheduled a session to review the bill, according to legislative records,” the Daily Caller reported.

“Tire bans will save the state $3 billion in transportation costs, reduce gasoline consumption by 600 million gallons and prevent 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere from 2026 to 2035, according to the bill. The fuel efficiency gains of low-rolling-resistance tires, which the bill is trying to push, are marginal for individuals. A 10% reduction in rolling resistance only equates to a roughly 1% improvement in fuel efficiency, according to Consumer Reports,” it continued.

Those who violate the law would get slapped with a warning for their first offense and any additional offenses after that will result in civil penalties ranging anywhere from $100 to $10,000. Ouch. That’s pretty steep. Don’t we as a people already have enough on our minds to worry about? Or is that what the government officials in Washington state are hoping for? People will forget and get busted, then have to fork over cash that will be used to pay politicians.

One section of the legislation says that standards adopted by the Department of Commerce “may not adversely affect tire safety.” The department will also be required to develop an exemption for snow tires.

“Washington Democrats pre-filed a bill in December that would make operating gas-powered lawn care equipment a gross misdemeanor punishable by jail time, a fine or both. That bill has since been referred to the Washington State House Committee on Environment & Energy, according to legislative records,” the DC said in conclusion. “Washington state residents successfully campaigned to get an initiative to repeal the state’s Climate Commitment Act, which some have criticized as a ‘hidden gas tax,’ onto the state’s 2024 ballot, The Center Square reported.”

The whole climate agenda has nothing to do with saving the planet. It has everything to do with finding a way to take over more control of the means of production. It’s a wealth redistribution scheme that hides taxes as penalties for regulation violations. It is dirty, sneaky, and underhanded. Which is how you know it’s ripped right out of the Democrat’s playbook.

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