YUCK! Biden Admin Celebrates As Transgender Appointee Receives ‘Woman Of The Year’ Award

(Rallying Patriots) – Remember a few years back when the left swore up and down that the GOP was in a war on women? And then all of the hoopla radical liberals made about #MeToo and how important it was to stand up for women’s rights?

Yeah, well, all of that seems to have been chucked out the door in favor of one of their new favorite pet causes: transgenderism.

The push in favor of transgenderism by the government and other important sectors of our society is slowly erasing women from the picture, which should be something that upsets feminists all over the country.

Especially since the Biden administration is now celebrating a transgender appointee who is a biological male receiving a “Woman of the Year” award.

According to The Western Journal, the USA Today “Woman of the Year” is actually a man. The newspaper went on to name Dr. Rachel Levine, who is serving as the assistant secretary of health in the Department of Health and Human Services, as one of the “women” it honored, despite the fact Levine is a male.

Levine became the first individual to openly identify as a female to become an official confirmed by the Senate last year.

“Susan Rice, President Joe Biden’s hand-picked director of his Domestic Policy Council, gushed over the award,” the report said.

“Congratulations to the trailblazing @HHS_ASH Admiral Rachel Levine on being named one of @USATODAY’s Women of the Year. Your leadership during this pandemic has been vital,” she posted in a tweet.

“The awards are an annual event. This year, the newspaper singled out Vice President Kamala Harris, gymnast Simone Biles, who withdrew from the Tokyo Olympics, and Melinda French Gates as among its national honorees,” the report continued.

“Levine is allowed to call himself ‘admiral’ because the job he holds puts him in command of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps. The Biden administration has claimed that his appointment meant he is the first four-star admiral of the corps, according to CBS,” Western Journal reported.

A few individuals believe the celebration of Levin is, well, a bit over the top.

Levin then went on to insist to the publication that women and girls are a very big priority for him in terms of body image. Which is a statement that should absolutely alarm the normies in the audience reading this, because it means this man with a mental illness that leads him to believe he’s a woman, wants to influence how your children see and understand their bodies.

“We need to be welcoming and celebratory for women of all aspects, of all sizes and shapes,” he stated, according to a report from USA Today.

“And we have to work towards that compassion for all women and not put such an emphasis on thinness and appearance. I think that we need to work as a culture in the United States, but also globally, to be more compassionate and more accepting of girls and women, no matter what their size and shape,” he continued.

While not being an actual female, Levin went on to state that women are essential for society.

“I think women are often the creators of change. In terms of the changes that we see in our society and our culture, I think that women are those change-makers,” he remarked.

Levine was then asked to give advice for transgendered folks.

“I think you have to be true to yourself and I think that you have to be who you are. You have tremendous worth just for who you are, no matter who you love, no matter who you are, no matter what your gender identity, sexual orientation or anything else, and to be, be true to that. And then everything else will follow,” he went on to say.

“It highlights something which I truly believe in, which is the value of diversity. Diversity is just so important in our culture. It’s important for our country, for the world. And I truly believe that diversity in all of the myriad and wonderful aspects that we see has positive benefits for any organization. Any governmental organization, any business, any school. And so we really need to welcome diversity and actually celebrate diversity for what it brings to us as a nation and what it brings to us globally,” he continued.

Folks, this is just absurd.

When are the feminists going to stand up and say something about this? You have society affirming that men are better at being women than an actual woman! It’s pure insanity.

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