Woke Logic: Coca-Cola Requires Valid ID To Attend Annual Meeting But Condemns Georgia For New Law Requiring ID When Voting

(Rallying Patriots) – State Republicans in Georgia have been fighting to ensure that there is never another stolen election again, at least not in the Peach State. The GOP-led state legislature passed several new laws making it harder to cheat in the state including stricter voter ID laws.

Naturally, Democrats and their Corporate America cronies are in full meltdown mode over the tighter voter ID laws. Joe Biden himself feigned outrage, calling the laws the “Jim Crow of the 21st Century.”

We all know the fight for loose voter ID laws, or no voter ID laws at all, is nothing more than an obvious attempt to ensure illegal aliens can partake in our democratic processes.

Though, it does increasingly appear that Corporate America executives and DC elitists are sincerely out of touch with real Americans.

Every American citizen has access to government-issued photo ID. It’s required for so much. If you’re an American but don’t have ID you can’t fly on a plane, buy cigarettes or alcohol, get a loan or a credit card, buy a house, pick up tickets from MLB Will Call and on and on.

That doesn’t seem to make any difference, however, to the wokies running the big corporations in the US.

First, the MLB made the absurd decision to “cancel” Georgia and move their All-Star game out of the state. They, of course, have not changed their policy requiring fans to present valid ID in order to pick-up their tickets from the Will Call office for the All-Star game.

Now it looks like Coca-Cola and Delta have also joined in the sanctimonious condemnation of Georgia and their “racist” voter ID laws.

ABC News reported that after “facing mounting pressure, Delta Air Lines’ and Coca-Cola’s chief executives came out forcefully against Georgia’s newly enacted elections bill Wednesday, both calling it “unacceptable” — a stark difference from the companies’ previous, more muted statements.”

After taking time to “fully understand” the state’s bill “coupled with discussions with leaders and employees in the Black community,” Delta CEO Ed Bastian has come to the conclusion that “it’s evident that the bill includes provisions that will make it harder for many underrepresented voters, particularly Black voters, to exercise their constitutional right to elect their representatives.”

Bastian added, “that is wrong,” in his memo to Delta employees worldwide. This memo came after his initial statement which praised much of the bill and asserted that it “improved considerably during the legislative process.”

As is typical with woke leftists, monkey see, monkey do. Hours later Coca-Cola CEO condemned the legislation and claimed it’s a “step backwards” during an interview with CNBC.

CEO James Quincy said that the new laws are “wrong” and need to be “remedied.” He went on to discuss how private businesses must be more “forceful” in their public positions.

Just a reminder that both the Delta and Coca-Cola CEO positions are not elected positions. The American people did not elect them so it’s a bit puzzling why they and others like them feel compelled to insert their “forceful” opinions and positions in matters that have been settled by elected officials.

It also seems that these privileged CEOs are completely and utterly out of touch with reality. A vast majority of Americans support stricter voter ID laws:

Additionally, the majority of Americans have no problem obtaining ID.

Coca-Cola’s biggest problem, however, is the blatant and glaring hypocrisy of their stance.

A quick review of Coca-Cola’s requirements to attend the companies Annual meeting shows that individuals are only permitted to attend upon providing valid ID:

Coca-Cola thinks it’s perfectly fine to demand ID from individuals looking to attend their annual meeting but doesn’t think it’s appropriate or necessary to require American citizens to furnish ID in order to partake in US elections.

There is most definitely no shortage of hypocrisy and double standards on the left.

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