WE GOT HIM! IRS Issues Grand Jury Subpoena To Hunter Biden’s Bank

(Rallying Patriots) – According to a report from The Western Journal, a subpoena has been served to JP Morgan Chase Bank which reveals that this particular financial institution was required to produce documentation related to Hunter Biden’s business dealings with China, in connection to an ongoing criminal tax fraud investigation of the president’s younger son.

The subpoena, which was issued by the Justice Department’s federal prosecutor in Delaware, requested that representatives of the bank make an appearance in federal court back in June of 2019.

The document, which was served in May of that year, has been obtained by Breitbart this past weekend.

The subpoena itself required Chase Bank to produce “all records, documents, and accounts” concerning transactions that happened between four people, along with a list of several Chinese banks and financial organizations.

“It required Chase to submit information regarding any potential dealings of Biden with several Chinese banks and also requested the same of James Biden, a brother of the president who has been previously criticized for his extensive Chinese business ties, and two Biden business associates,” the WJ report stated.

“The two Biden business associates listed in the document are Eric Schwerin and Devon Archer. Archer is a longtime partner of Biden who was convicted of financial crimes in 2018,” the report continued.

“The document expressly identifies the following businesses: Owasco, Skaneateles, RSP Holdings, RSP Investments, RSTP II Alpha, RSTP II Bravo, Seneca Global Advisors, Aqaba International, Rosemont Seneca, Burisma Holdings, Bohai Harvest RST Shanghai Equity, Robinson Walker, Hudson West, European Energy and Infras Group Limited and Bladen Enterprises Limited,” WJ’s report said.

The younger son of Joe Biden revealed he was under federal investigation back in December of 2020, conveniently waiting to drop that bomb until after his dead was “elected” to the Oval Office.

“The revelation of an ongoing criminal inquiry surrounding Hunter Biden served as tacit vindication for outlets that had been reporting on one of Biden’s laptops, which revealed — among other things — his involvement in political nepotism and business dealings utilizing his family name,” the WJ reported.

A letter that came with the subpoena warned Chase that if they disclosed its existence to any third party, it would be in violation of federal law.

One of the biggest revelations of the subpoena is that it demonstrates that Hunter Biden was being investigated well before the 2020 presidential election and the release of his laptop, which raises questions as to why Biden refused to acknowledge its existence.

The investigation into Hunter is currently ongoing, despite his claims of innocence.

None of the officials at the Justice Department have recused themselves from the investigation, though Biden’s dad is serving as president.

This is just one thing on a long list that proves Hunter took advantage of his father’s political position and power to make himself a wealthy man. This report discussed how an email showed Hunter tried to make $2 million to recover billions that were frozen by the Obama administration by charging the country of Libya.

This man’s corruption knows no bounds.

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