WATCH: Woke Teacher Calls Student a “Straight Jerk” and a “D**k” For Asking Why Straight Kids Don’t Get Unicorn Cupcakes

(Rallying Patriots) – It’s time for parents to start pulling their children out of the leftist indoctrination camp that has become the public education system in America. 

The public school system in the US is no longer a place where children go to become educated in math, language arts and science. It’s now a den of progressive, woke wolves who prey on the impressionable minds of young children and teens. 

Teachers are more and more turning into activists rather than educators and they’re shamelessly pushing the warped progressive agenda on all students. 

What’s worse is that if any students dare to voice dissent or appear not to be on board with the deranged culture they’re pushing, teachers just berate, humiliate and rebuke them. 

So much for freedom of speech and thought in America. The First Amendment is certainly not being fostered or promoted in the public school system. 

An entire generation of American children are being trained to shut up and conform. 

After the Jan. 6 Capitol incident, leftists began making bold, public statements about the need for Trump supporters to be “re-educated” and “deprogrammed.” 

Their rhetoric was shocking and repulsive but what’s even more so is the fact that the “re-educating” is and has been going on right under our noses in public schools for years now. 

In Springfield, Missouri, a woke 6th grade teacher bullied and berated one of her students during class when he requested a unicorn cupcake that was allegedly reserved only for LGBT students. 

The incident was caught on video and in the beginning you can hear the indignant teacher calling the student “ignorant” before asking him, “Would you like a special unicorn cupcake for being a straight jerk?”

“Yes!” the student replied.

The exchange only continued to devolve into sheer disrespect and bullying on the part of the teacher. 

“Come here! Get a straight jerk cupcake. For being a pill,” she yelled as she stomped towards the back of the classroom where the student was sitting. 

After giving the student a cupcake, the unhinged teacher walked away and declared, “what a d**k.” 

The student then questioned the insult and the teacher doubled down, saying “A d**k!” and then tried to play it off like she meant something less offensive, “Like a dipstick. A butthead. A weasel. A pain in my butt.”

“I thought you said something else,” the student filming the incident countered as the teacher clearly desperately tried to move on from her inappropriate insult of a 12-year-old student. 

“This summer is LGBTQ month and I’m not going to see you so I wanted to give you something,” she then explained as she began to hand out the cupcakes. 

What a circus. This should not happen. Teachers should be educating students, not indoctrinating and bullying them into embracing the left’s deranged and sick culture. 

Shame on this “teacher.” She should lose her job immediately. 

Copyright 2021.


  1. Looks to me that this teacher has wolfed down one too many Rainbow, Unicorn, LGBTQ+ cupcakes in her day. Also, may I add her outfit is something I would only consider to clean my house in. I would imagine her anger is deeply rooted in having spent all her Friday and Saturday nights over her entire teens and adulthood alone, regardless of her sexual orientation. Now, how does SHE/HE/IT like it, when picked on.this?

  2. Don’t this teacher’s words and actions themselves demonstrate sexual discrimination ? Something which the unicorn cupcakes are meant to point out ?!?

  3. Exactly what does it take to give a teacher a few days off w/o pay? Had the student called the teacher a “Dike”, or a Lesbian, I’m sure a suspension would have been ordered Was this teacher punished?

  4. how about this fucking bitch of an educator who is a twat waffle should be fired NOW the bitch!if it was my child and she HAD THE NERVE TO BE A HATEFUL BITCH TO HIM I WOULD WAIT FOR HER AND BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF HER HATEFUL FACE, BITCH BITCH BITCH BITCH YOU NEED TO LOSE YOUR JOB YOU FUCKING BITCH FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DID YOU EVER GET YOUR TEACHING DEGREE YOU BITCH ~~~


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