WATCH: Tucker Carlson Harassed By Triggered Leftist, Called “Worst Human Being”

(Rallying Patriots) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson has become public enemy #1 for the rabid, unhinged radical left. They absolutely despise him for daring to speak truth from his cable news platform.

The left hates anyone they cannot control and they certainly have no control over Carlson.

Interestingly, Tucker Carlson has become the most-watched cable news host among Americans and that, no doubt, drives the left even more crazy.

He is routinely targeted by his competitors at CNN and MSNBC but no matter how much they hate him and how much they try to disparage him, Carlson remains on top.

That’s because Americans know the truth and appreciate Carlson’s willingness to say it plainly without fear of repercussion.

Well, most Americans know the truth that is. Of course, the radical left, which represents the minority of Americans, is still believing the lies and propaganda and any inkling of the truth infuriates them and sends them into unchecked tantrums.

This was proven during an encounter in a fly fish depot in Montana, during which a raging liberal attempted to call out Tucker Carlson and shame him for speaking the truth.

An angry leftist named Dan Bailey, along with an acquaintance with a camera, confronted Carlson over his news coverage.

“Dude, you are the worst human being known to mankind,” Bailey told Carlson as he stood inches from his face while Bailey’s friend recorded the encounter.

“I appreciate that,” Carlson responded with a smile.

Bailey continued his tantrum, spouting off one leftist talking point after another, in the middle of the store while Tucker Carlson was with his daughter.

After listening to the man’s deranged diatribe, Carlson quietly told Bailey, “Settle down, son,” before walking away.

Bailey told Carlson not to call him “son” but the video abruptly ends.

Bailey, being quite proud of himself, posted the video onto his Instagram account with a caption that reads, ““It’s not everyday you get to tell someone they are the worst person in the world and really mean it! What an a—!”

His post goes on to make the most outrageous claims that only a fully indoctrinated, brain-washed leftist could possibly believe and state, “This man has killed more people with vaccine misinformation, he has supported extreme racism, he is a fascist and does more to rip this country apart than anyone that calls themselves an American.”

It’s truly hard to understand how anybody can actually believe that. Leftists are so hell-bent on being “right” that they are perfectly content ignoring truth, reality, and facts. That’s why they hate Tucker Carlson so much.

As if Carlson hasn’t endured enough in his efforts to be honest with the American people, now he has radicals harassing him in fly fishing stores in Montana.

He’s had his home attacked and vandalized in 2018, his sponsors have been threatened to sever ties with his show, and he’s now the #1 target of his “competitors” CNN and MNSBC, as InfoWars reports.

And on top of it all, Carlson has also been spied on by the corrupt National Security Agency in an effort to get his show taken off the air.

If you support the truth and freedom in America, tune in to Fox News and make Tucker Carlson even more popular than he is now.

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  1. I love Tucker and my husband and i listen to him every chance we get. He tells the truth. The man harassing’s him his beyond hope!!

  2. What an imbecile! Really, he thinks Tucker Carlson has destroyed families & is the worst human being! Honestly, how stupid can this man be & believe this bull!


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