WATCH: Seattle-Area Muslim Activist And Candidate For King County Council Once Boarded Bus Full Of Children, Threatened To Blow It Up

(Rallying Patriots) – In 21st century America, identity reigns supreme. Who cares about actions and qualifications? As long as you are a member of one of the left’s privileged victim classes you can do anything.

In exclusive footage obtained by The Post Millennial, progressive candidate for King County Council in Washington state is seen threatening school children on a school bus, claiming that she might have a bomb or a gun.

As the children flee from the bus in terror the Council candidate can be heard screaming at them that they are “cowards.”

It’s all good though. She’s a Muslim. Ubax Gardheere boarded the Highline School District bus back on Jan. 12, 2010 during the morning when it was on the way to Chinook Middle School.

After boarding the bus, she tells the driver he cannot drive because “it’s a matter of national security,” and tells him the “bus is not leaving.”

The driver calls the police and asks if something has happened to one of the children to which Gardheere responds that “if something happens it’s going to happen to you.”

She then tells the children that she’s Muslim and is wearing loose clothing and she could have a bomb or a gun. The driver can be heard saying, “Someone better get here real quick.”

A police officer arrives and arrests her, putting an end to the bizarre ordeal. She was not found to have any weapons in her possession. She eventually ended up pleading the felony charges down to a gross misdemeanor before trial.

Somehow, this incident did nothing to dissuade Democrats in King County from supporting her.

Democrat State Senator Rebecca Saldana endorsed Gardheere, saying, “I will follow Ubax anywhere.” (screen shot here). Even if that’s onto a bus full of children to threaten them?

Former radical Seattle City Council Member and activist Mike O’Brien called Gardheere, “An amazing leader.”

To be fair, it isn’t clear if the two were aware of Gardheere’s threat against school children when they issued their endorsements of her.

Gardheere has also received left-wing support from other prominent leftists in the area proving that cancel culture only comes for conservatives.

Had video footage of a conservative candidate threatening children from 10 years ago ever surfaced, you can believe that candidate would be run out of town.

Not Ghardeere though. She’s fortunate enough to not only be a Democrat but she’s also a Muslim. She’s essentially untouchable in woke 21st century America.

Not only is she currently running for the King County Council but she’s currently the Equitable Development Division Director in the City of Seattle Office of Planning and Community Development earning over $130,000 a year and calls herself a “bureactivist inside government.”

Mental illness runs rampant in America and has been completely ignored for decades. It’s no matter, however, for those seeking office under the banner of “Democrat,” so long as they meet the identity criteria necessary to check off the boxes on the “woke” checklist.

This country has literally lost its mind and it’s only getting worse.

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  1. And they let her plead down after terrorizing children? And people endorsed her to run for a County office? NOT EVEN ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER! WHAT IS HAPPENING UP THERE?

  2. That’s Western Washington for ya! Making Washington the Most bizarre state in the Union. They tolerate the most insane people who are a few steps from rocketing the state into outer space. These people need to be stopped or else it’s a matter of time before people will get seriously hurt.

  3. I have to question the mentality of anybody who would even THINK about voting for her. This is what the Muslims believe. The Quran tells them to “kill the infidels” and it looks like that is what she was willing to do in spite of the fact that they were only children. She needs to be committed and they should perform a lobotomy on her.

  4. She should be on a cage.
    Every parent should line up to sue the crap out of her. One after another.

    Talk about mental anguish. Look at those kids sitting in the school bus.
    That’s punitive damages.
    She needs to be put in a mental facility for pulling that crap.

    She has no political career. She should be banned from public speaking too.

    What’s her beef anyways?
    Yes we get it. It sucks to be Muslim in a Christian Nation. You can’t cut peoples heads off over here.


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