SHARPIE-GATE: New Report Reveals Sharpies Were Provided At Certain Precincts To Disqualify Trump Votes (VIDEO)

(Rallying Patriots) – During the days that immediately followed the 2020 presidential election, a little story came to the surface that has been dubbed sharpie-gate. As you can imagine the radical leftist elements in the Democratic Party had a good old time laughing about it and making fun of it, labeling it a conspiracy theory.

According to Gateway Pundit, we now know the whole story was actually valid and that massive fraud may have taken place during the election due to the use of sharpies by voters on ballots.

This was first discovered on Nov. 5, just a few days after the election itself.

“However, sharpie-gate was missing factual information regarding what happened and the technology to determine what was the impact in the election. Then this past week, the Arizona Senate released information on sharpie-gate where they unraveled how it worked,” the report says.

And then it was discovered that these sharpies were actually used all across the country.

The folks at GP also uncovered the reasoning behind why sharpies were used in the first place and how it probably impacted thousands of votes that were meant for President Donald Trump.

Down below is a video that features Jovan Pulitzer discussing sharpie-gate.

Folks, this was not a conspiracy theory. This really happened. It was a tactic employed by the radical left to steal the election from Trump and silence the voices of the American people. It’s an egregious crime and those who participated in it need to be held accountable for their actions.

If you examine the Arizona ballot instructions, it clearly reads, “DO NOT USE A SHARPIE.” (Screen shot here).

Pima County’s (Tucson area) voter FAQ says, “The ballot system used in Arizona is an optical scan system. The ballots are tabulated by optical scan readers. The readers are machines that have been calibrated to read the markings on the ballots. The type of ink that is most likely to be recognized by the reader is blue or black ball point ink. Other colors of ink may or may not be read by the tabulator depending on the ink formula mixture used by the ink manufacturer. The safest choice is a simple blue or black ink ball point pen.”

“Since ballots frequently have issues or candidates printed on both sides of the ballot, you want to be certain to use a marking device that does not “bleed through” to the other side since this could cause the bleed through marking to be interpreted as a vote. We therefore strongly suggest that you do not use felt tip markers such as magic markers or Sharpies. Stray marks of any kind should be kept to a minimum. Once again, the safest choice is a standard blue or black ink ball point pen,” it reads.

“Oh but it gets better. In 2012, Pima County issued 5,383 replacement ballots. One of the reasons for disqualified ballots that needed replacing? People used felt tipped Sharpies,” the GP report says (screen shot here).

There’s no doubt some of the poll workers will state that they did not have any regular pens in the area. However, the guidelines say that multiple individuals are supposed to have regular ball point ink pens along with Sharpies (screen shots here and here).

The election workers were specifically instructed to only use sharpies when packaging up boxes of envelopes to certify they were authentic. There’s just no way this was accidental. Especially since it seemed to have happened everywhere.

This is just another fraud tactic.

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