Watch: Man Sends Message To Biden, Holds ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Flag In Background Of MSNBC Shot

(Rallying Patriots) – New York City has become the radical left’s authoritarian utopia; a deranged dystopia to the rest of us who love America.

It’s truly tragic what’s happening in the city that used to be the crown jewel of America. Discrimination and segregation have come roaring back in the form of vaccine mandates and the vaccine passports while crime rates are skyrocketing.

New York City is no longer a safe place for law-abiding, freedom-loving Americans.

Joe Biden visited the Big Apple on Thursday to discuss his plans to fight gun violence amid the surges in crime there and around the country.

Before Biden arrived, however, one man boldly sent a clear message to him and his fraudulent regime. During a live shot on an MSNBC broadcast, a man walked into the shot and unveiled a flag that read, “Let’s go Brandon.”

As you know, the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a comical and less vulgar synonym for the “F*** Joe Biden” chant that had begun in the late summer last year in college stadiums and other public places where people gather.

The “Let’s Go Brandon” alternative was born in October when an NBC Sports reporter attempted to convince the world that fans at a NASCAR race were actually chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” in honor of the race’s winner Brandon Brown, when, in fact, they were clearly chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

The phrase is a clear representation and expression of the frustrations Americans are feeling with Joe Biden and his disastrous policies and given the current state of affairs in New York City, people are certainly justified in their anger towards him and his regime.

On Tuesday, WNBC-TV reported that major crimes in the city were up 38 percent in the first month of this year compared with the same period last year. Among the offenses that saw major increases are rape, robbery, felony assault and grand larceny.

Sentiment towards the police in the city is not getting any better either while criminals are being emboldened by radical left policies. On Jan. 21, this manifested in the most tragic way when NYPD officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora were ambushed and shot to death in Harlem.

Mora’s funeral was held on Wednesday and newly elected Mayor Eric Adams delivered a eulogy addressed to his parents.

“I thank you for sharing your son with our city,” Adams said, according to the New York Times. “He was proud to wear the blue uniform.”

During his Thursday trip, Biden planned to meet with law enforcement agencies and officers and offer his support for their work in the city, according to The Washington Post. A complete about-face from the radical rhetoric Democrats had been promoting since the chaotic summer of 2020 when they insisted police departments everywhere ought to be defunded.

“I want him to acknowledge and see what I call the rivers that are feeding the sea of violence in our city and in our country,” Adams said of Biden’s impending visit, according to the Post. “We have to stop the flow of illegal guns in our city. … They keep coming from gun dealers throughout our entire country.”

Naturally, gun control was a topic of focus during Biden’s comments on Thursday.

Biden and Adams continue to attribute guns as the cause for NYC’s major crime problems but the reality is, it’s leftist policies that have brought on the surge and tied the hands of law enforcement officers.

New Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, for example, has ordered prosecutors not to pursue certain criminals and barred them from seeking jail time or bail for many crimes.

Even after the brutal murders of the two NYPD officers, Bragg doubled down on his policies, according to the New York Post.

“Look, one thing that has happened — and it’s happened in our state, it’s happened federally — is the proliferation of criminal laws,” he said. “No prosecutor is enforcing every single law all the time. We’re all exercising prosecutorial discretion.”

In a eulogy addressed to Rivera, his widow, Dominique Luzuriaga, criticized Bragg and his soft-on-crime policies.

“The system continues to fail us,” she said. “We are not safe anymore, not even the members of the service [NYPD]. I know you were tired of these laws, especially the ones from the new DA. I hope he is watching you speak through me right now.”

It’s clear why New Yorkers might not be too excited to welcome Biden to their city. It’s because of policies from leftists like himself that the city is falling apart at the seams and becoming a safe haven for dangerous criminals to terrorize law-abiding citizens.

Biden will continue to pretend to care about NYC only to further push his agenda to do away with the Second Amendment.

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