Watch: Home Depot Shuts Down Entire Self-Checkout Area Because Of One Maskless Man

(Rallying Patriots) – The mask tyranny in America continues. The government no longer needs to have mask mandates issued as Corporate America is now fully on board with the agenda.

Even with mask mandates being lifted all around the US, businesses everywhere continue to force Americans to wear a mask in order to enter and do business.

When will this end? Probably never unless something dramatic is done to break up the oligarchy forming between Corporate America, Big Tech, the establishment media and the Democrats.

One of the best ways we can fight back against this lunacy is to stop complying. Stop wearing the masks. If you are asked to leave a business, document it and leave just like one man did in California who was refused service at a local Home Depot.

The man who made a video showing him being refused the use of self check-out registers at the Home Depot says he is “unable” to wear a facemask, though he doesn’t give any further details as to why.

In the video, he explains that a manager at the Morgan Hill, California, Home Depot told him that if he attempts to check out without a mask on, the self check-out registers will be turned off.

The unidentified man walks up to the registers while explaining to the camera that he owns a construction business and has been shopping at Home Depot for quite some time. He shows himself holding a single item as he approaches the check-out area.

“Look at this. They shut down self-checkout just for me,” he says, “all because I’m breathing fresh air. They’re practically shutting down half the store. This is incredible. This is amazing.”

Store employees begin to respond to him and he explains that he is unable to wear a mask and that he’s “going to send this to my attorney and, by the way, my half-a-million-dollar account with my ten-million-dollar business, all the business is going to Lowe’s … because they’re not psychopaths like you guys.”

He tells the employees that he’s been shopping at Home Depot for the past 6 months with “no issues” and then tells them that this location is “the only Home Depot I’ve had an issue with.”

One store employee tells the man they “can simply call law enforcement,” and appears to get on the phone.

We wonder, did he dial 911? Is this a 911-worthy situation? Why not? Whoever would have thought it would be a situation where a store employee would actually need to call law enforcement in the first place.

“Holy smokes! Look at you people. You’re psychopaths,” the man reiterates in response to the threat to call the police. “You guys don’t think. You don’t use your brain. You just obey.”

After leaving the store he says that Home Depot “has done full mask Nazi,” adding, “Even if you are unable to wear a mask, they are discriminating. They won’t even ask you why you’re unable to wear the mask.”

Before ending the video he says that this “violates multiple laws, so I guess we’ll see where this goes.”

It’s time for the absurd mask rules to end already. It’s truly sad and disturbing that so many Americans are so unwilling to think for themselves and instead just take blind orders and do the bidding of the radical left who seeks to control the masses in America.

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