Watch: Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Vernon Jones Makes Official Call For Forensic Audit Of 2020 Election

(Rallying Patriots) – Though we have been forced to endure months of Joe Biden and his fraudulent regime, the 2020 election is far from over.

There are efforts being made all over the country to expose the fraud and corruption that handed Biden the victory and ensure it never happens again.

While there is a full forensic audit going on in Arizona and major court cases happening in Michigan, Georgia Gubernatorial candidate Vernon Jones is calling for a comprehensive forensic audit of the state’s controversial 2020 election results.

As you recall, President Trump led Georgia by a pretty substantial margin though the state was never called for him. That’s because the Democrats knew there were shenanigans at play that would ultimately turn the state over to Biden.

Jones issued a tweet Tuesday inviting all Georgians to gather with him at Liberty Plaza in Atlanta on Wednesday morning to demand the state move forward with an audit of the 2020 election.

On Wednesday morning, Jones released a statement calling on Gov. Kemp to “insist on a transparent, unbiased, forensic audit.”

He accurately stated that “Georgians still have questions about irregularities” in the 2020 election and that they “deserve answers.”

Indeed, Georgians aren’t alone. Tens of millions of Americans across the country have questions and doubts that deserve to be addressed and answered. If we no longer have free and fair elections, we no longer have a free country at all.

Jones seems to recognize that while many within the GOP continue to ignore what happened in 2020, the future of the Republican Party lies with those willing to fight for and expose the truth.

If Republicans just allow Democrats to steal elections, there is not only no future for the GOP but there is no future for America.

The Gateway Pundit reports that currently, Georgia has up to 330,000 ballots missing their legally required chain of custody documentation, with nearly 19,000 of those coming out of Fulton County, alone. This makes these ballots illegitimate.

They never should have been included in the state’s final results but corrupt Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had no regard for the law when he made the decision to certify the state’s results, including these ballots.

The fact that thousands of ballots are missing the chain of custody documentation should be enough to warrant a forensic audit.

You would think finding out why these ballots are missing the legally required documentation would be a top priority for all state officials, regardless of party affiliation.

You would think that they would all be concerned about ensuring the results were the actual results and that the election was, in fact, free, fair and secure.

It’s just further proof, however, that the left rigged and stole the election from the American people and now they’re doing everything in their power to cover it up.

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