Watch: Fed-Up Biden Voter Apologizes To Republicans, Admits He Wants Trump Back

(Rallying Patriots) – It’s been nearly half a year since Joe Biden usurped the White House and the support for Biden and the job he’s been doing seems to be nonexistent.

Where are all the Biden voters at?

After Biden opened our southern border and invited migrants from around the world to come here and live off of taxpayer’s hard-earned money, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of Americans standing up to defend him.

Perhaps they don’t like the endless problems caused by Biden and his regime like skyrocketing gas prices, a weak economy, rising inflation, increased international conflicts and volatility, and the fact that Biden has favored Russia’s pipeline while crushing America’s.

It doesn’t seem like anyone who voted for Biden is willing to admit it and stand up and own the mess he and his fraudulent regime have made of America.

At least not the majority of them. One Biden voter has humbled himself and publicly admitted and apologized for voting for Biden.

In a video posted to social media a black man who says he voted for Biden admits it was a mistake and says those who voted for Biden have been bamboozled.

In his video he cites the Biden administration’s indication that they are going to start taxing cryptocurrency despite many Americans using the blockchain investments as a means to gain an economic foothold.

He also says he wants President Trump back.

“I want to rescind my vote, and I want Trump back in the go**amn chair, cause one thing about Trump, Trump understands business and he don’t like messing with his money, and right now Biden is trying to mess with our money. We don’t like it!”

“We sorry Caucasian Republicans, I am personally sorry!” the man says.

This man’s video comes after the US Treasury Department warned last week that it could mandate crypto transfers of $10,000 to be reported to the IRS and claimed that traders are evading taxes to the tune of $700 billion.

Joe Biden hasn’t done one good thing for America since taking office in January, not one darn thing.

All Americans can plainly see he has been an absolute unmitigated disaster for this country, and the world, and yet they remain silent. They don’t even have enough integrity and courage to stand up and say maybe, just maybe, they got it wrong.

Unlike the fed-up man in the video above, they can’t bring themselves to admit that even though they really didn’t like President Trump’s “mean tweets,” life in America was pretty darn good while he was in office.

Do these Americans really hate this country as much as the radical Democrats do? Do they actually support open borders, the radical climate change agenda, increasing taxes and skyrocketing inflation?

It’s time for Biden voters to take a good, long, hard look in the mirror and check their values and beliefs. After four entire years of Joe Biden there won’t be any America left at all if Biden voters don’t start demanding better from him and the corrupt Democrats now.

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  1. They were dumb enough to believe all the lies about Trump, and all the lies
    Dems and Biden said about how great it will be with Biden, so it’s not likely
    most will be smart enough to see that Biden threw the entire country under the bus.

    • You Hit The Nail On The Head , Skippy !!! There Ain’t A Damn One Of Them With One Brain Cell Left , Just Like SLOW MOE , DILDO JOE !!!

  2. Pray that we can get enough Republicans in office, to help flip policies back to protect, and strengthen America. We need a miracle.

  3. Democrats ! o’Biden didn’t even campaign to be installed as President, Biden didn’t say anything he planned to do, Biden repeatedly stated “Trump has no Plan”, and Dummycrats thought Biden was referring to the Pandemic. We now know Biden “had no plan” for the Pandemic, his plans were to devastate America and Open the Borders. That was his plan all along. Democrats, your apologies are NOT ACCEPTED !


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