Watch: Cartel Human Smugglers Dangerously Lower Baby, Adults Over 30-Foot Border Wall

(Rallying Patriots) – Illegal aliens from all over the world are scrambling to reach America’s southern border. Motivated by the Biden regime’s promises of free healthcare, food, and income these migrants are willing to put their lives on the line to make the journey.

It really is quite sad when you think about how desperate so many around the world are to come here. What’s even more sad, however, is how Biden and his cohorts know this and are outright putting the lives of millions in danger just so they can have a chance at the new “American dream.”

The Biden regime says they are approaching border and immigration laws and issues in a “humane” way yet hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens are now putting their lives, and the lives of their children, in the hands of dangerous, violent and volatile cartels.

These cartels don’t care about the safety of those they are smuggling. They only care about getting paid. Once they take everything these migrants have to offer, they’re herded like cattle to the southern border.

Those who can’t afford to pay the cartels the full amount upfront are forced into lives of servitude and slavery in one form or another until their debt with the cartels are satisfied.

The journey is dangerous and in many cases involves physically finding a way around, or over, the wall at the southern border installed by President Trump.

A group of illegal aliens were apprehended by US border authorities last week in California after they were lowered by rope over a 30-foot section of barrier wall.

Border agents stationed in El Centro Sector took into custody five migrants from Venezuela, which included a mother and her two small children ages 2 and 6, after they made the dangerous entry under the guise of darkness.

“The incident occurred at about 3:15 a.m., when camera operators assigned to the El Centro Station’s Remote Video Surveillance System (RVSS) observed a man being lowered down the border wall with the use of a rope, approximately three miles west of the Calexico West Port of Entry,” Customs and Border Protection explained in a statement.

“RVSS camera operators then noticed another man being lowered, only this time they realized that a small child was clinging on to his back. Subsequently, a third adult, a woman, holding on to another child, was lowered by the smugglers.”

Chief Patrol Agent Gregory K. Bovino noted that smugglers often use this technique to send people over the wall which minimizes their own risk of injury while putting others in harm’s way. Just further proof that the cartels do not care about the safety of those they are transporting.

Bovino went on to say that he implores “those who are looking to hire these smugglers to consider the extreme dangers of crossing the border illegally into the United States.”

The risks of the journey are apparently not enough to deter migrants away from the dream of living a carefree life where the American taxpayers pay for all of their wants and needs.

These people are coming to the US for the sole purpose of mooching off our welfare system. They aren’t looking to assimilate and work hard to achieve the American dream of the past.

The new American dream consists of collecting food stamps, government income and receiving free healthcare and education.

It’s time to close down our southern border and restore law and order. This is getting completely out of control.

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