WATCH: Biden Threatens Patriotic Americans

(Rallying Patriots) – Joe Biden threatened “right-wing” Second Amendment advocates Wednesday during a sparsely attended speech in Pennsylvania.

Now that Biden’s anti-American “Build Back Better” agenda has been all but implemented, he’s on to the so-called “Safer America” agenda which is just code for disarming Americans and destroying the Second Amendment.

His purpose in the battleground state was to promote this agenda which supposedly promotes law enforcement and aims to curb crime. Towards the end of his speech, Biden turned his attention to Republicans and attacked them for opposing gun control.

He regurgitated a line he’s said before in what appeared to be a threat to all Americans who defend the Second Amendment and argue that Americans’ have the right to arm themselves should we ever need to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government.

“For those brave right-wing Americans who say it’s all about keeping America independent and safe, if you want to fight against the country, you need an F-15. You need something more than a gun,” Biden said.

Keep in mind, this guy is the head of the same political party that asserts that just a couple dozen (unarmed) Trump supporters carried out an “insurrection” and almost took over the US government on Jan. 6.

Guess they just can’t seem to keep their narratives straight. Nothing new there.

Social media users dragged Biden for his attack on Second Amendment-supporting Americans citizens and pointed out how Biden botched the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal which resulted in the Taliban being equipped with F-15s, which they did not possess when they took control.

“The only F-15s the Taliban had when they fought against our country were the ones Biden left in Afghanistan for them,” X Strategies senior digital strategist Greg Price tweeted.

“The president has been saying this for years but it’s less and less congruent with how even his own administration has played out. How many F-15s did the Taliban have when Biden decided to surrender Afghanistan to them?” The Reload founder Stephen Gutowski wrote.

Red State deputy managing editor Brandon Morse joked, “I’d say he’s ignoring the Eric Holder ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal but it’s Biden and it’s very likely that he actually forgot.”

“This is a stupid comment that shows the constitutional and historical illiteracy of the dumbest president in living memory,” radio host Buck Sexton tweeted.

Former Babylon Bee senior writer Frank Fleming joked, “Hey, he’s copying one of my old The Babylon Bee articles. ‘Emperor Palpatine Urges Citizens To Give Up Their Blasters Since They’d Need A Death Star To Beat The Empire.’”

The Federalist senior legal correspondent Margot Cleveland tweeted, “So, ‘Safer America’ means, …checks notes: A government threatening its citizens with F-15s.”

Meanwhile, many others just slammed Biden and the left for their idiocy, hypocrisy, and tone-deafness:

“‘Lol, the federal government can easily kill you with an F-15 so you don’t need a gun’ is a brain dead argument only President Biden could make with a straight face,” wrote Brian Stewart.

“Democrat orthodoxy in 2022: a handful of unarmed insurrectionists nearly overthrew the entire U.S. government on January 6, and also the Second Amendment is stupid because you couldn’t possibly overthrow the U.S. government without tanks, bombers, and nukes,” Sean David pointed out.

“I can’t believe this idiot is president,” The Federalist senior editor David Harsanyi wrote.

During the speech, Biden announced his renewed efforts to “ban assault weapons” to combat rising crime rates. However, assault weapons are hardly the cause of rising crime rates. He’d have to look within his own party to solve rising crime rates but don’t expect him to do anything that actually makes sense.

As justification for his desire to ban “assault weapons” he used several debunked and dubious claims that he’s used before such as claiming that cannons were prohibited when the Second Amendment was passed and that the amendment is “not absolute.”

This guy is a complete clown. Anyone who takes him seriously should have their mental health evaluated.

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  1. Watch the full length You Tube “Innocents Betrayed” to see what happens to the citizens of a country who allow their government to disarm them. Also follow the history in the Bible to learn what out of control governments have done to God’s children. Check the Old Testament in the book of Daniel.

  2. Still yet another reason why Biden should be impeached and removed from office.Biden’s actions along with the criminal Hillary Clinton have served to divide this country even more then it already is.The main threat to our Democracy is Joe Biden and his criminal regime. Not only was the election of 2020 fraudulent but they have also eneough control of the press to spread the lie that it was legitimate. This reeks of Nazism and Adolf Hitler and his Propaganda minister Joseph Goebells, if they were still here would be extremely proud. The State of Delaware and California owes the World an apology for sending the totally incompetent “NAZICRATS” Biden, Harris etc to Washington. January 20,2025 cannot come fast eneough. Hopefully the American people will have eneough sense to end this nightmare administration.

  3. Biden is lying to his followers to do his dirty work to get rid of anyone who doesn’t go along with him. That’s exactly what Hitler did, convincing, using and lying to people to help him destroy lives because they didn’t agree with his agenda. Biden wasn’t “elected” to be our leader, he was chosen by Obama’s Administration to be a stand in so Obama can have his third term. Biden is doing what he is told to do by this corrupt unamerican to finish the job that he didn’t get to do. The Democratic Party has Soros, Gates, Bloomberg and some other multi-billionaires to fund what they need and to rig any elections. All this was planned long before Covid hit our country. Anyone who believes the Democratic Party is going to be there for them, they are so far from the truth. Supporters, followers of Biden and his administration will end up just like Hitler’s followers. When you are not needed for their agenda they will dispose of you and/ or your family. Money and power is what liberals want for themselves. Do your research and get educated before you vote in the election. See where are country was before Biden/ Obama and see where it is now. Our country is dying and it needs true patriots to help it come back. If you love the USA then stand strong against these unamerican, corrupt democrats. Biden lied during his campaign speech as he has been lying ever since. His only goal was to become president of the United States at all cost, and all citizens of this country are paying a huge price now.


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