VIDEO: NFL Embraces Pride Month With First Transgender Cheerleader

(Rallying Patriots) – The NFL is showing no signs of slowing down on their wokeness despite the fact that it’s not exactly popular with the fans.

Now, the NFL has welcomed its first openly transgender cheerleader who will be joining the Carolina Panthers’ TopCats cheerleading squad.

I’m sure male football fans are probably thrilled!

Justine Lindsay, a 29-year old biological man who pretends to be a woman, told BuzzFeed News he is proud to “break down that door” for future trans athletes.

Lindsay announced he was joining the TopCats and also revealed he was trans to his teammates and the rest of his community in an Instagram post.

“Cats Out the Bag you are looking at the newest member of the Carolina Panthers TopCats Cheerleader’s @topcats as the first Transgender female,” the Instagram caption read.

“I was so scared,” Lindsay said, Buzzfeed reported. “There’s just some things you can’t post.”

“I just felt like when I posted it, whatever reaction I get from everyone, it does not matter. And then my phone started blowing up,” Lindsay added.

Despite becoming the first openly transgender cheerleader in the NFL, the TopCats director Chandalae Lanouette insists she hired him for his talent, not his transgender identity.

“My goal is to create a team of individuals that are absolute fire on the field but are incredible human beings in the locker room, good friends, good people, and at the end of the day, you have to walk through the door first to get to that spot,” Lanouette said, BuzzFeed reported.

The NFL has been openly embracing all things left including the LGBT agenda. In June 2021, the league posted a video called “Football is for everyone,” that highlighted the inclusivity of football for all people.

However, the announcement of Lindsay becoming the first transgender cheerleader in the NFL is just bringing back the transgender athletes debate to center stage.

It’s hard to ignore the fact that biological men have an inherent physical advantage over female competitors, no matter the amount of testosterone suppression they undergo.

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas has become living proof of this reality.

At the end of last month, doctors conferred and agreed that from a scientific standpoint, trans athlete who are male have an undeniable advantage.

“Lia Thomas is the manifestation of the scientific evidence,” Dr. Ross Tucker, a sports physiologist, told the New York Times. “The reduction in testosterone did not remove her biological advantage.”

Dr. Doriane Lambelet Coleman, a law professor at Duke University and a former track runner, said that bringing males into female sports also begins defeating the point of female sports.

“We are bringing a male body into a female sport,” Coleman told the Times. “Once you cross that line, there’s no more rationale for women’s sport.”

Despite the fact that trans athletes are literally trivializing women’s sports, the NFL is still fully supporting the transgender agenda and embracing male cheerleaders who pretend to be females.

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  1. Well now this is important! As it opens doors for AOC when she’s fired from Congress. If hired by the NFL she’d be the first Puerto Rican, African, Brown – Black, Taino Indian – Lacota Indian, Catholic – Sephardic Jew ever to be a Cheerleader!

  2. Welp if the NFL starts going down THIS path the next thing will be letting a LGBTQLOMINOP female on the teams without bias! Yeah that’ll be classic! Viewership will go through the roof just to see her get plummeted by all those strong male athletes – sadly. #thismustend #drawtheline


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