Unhinged Portland Commissioner In The News Again After Being Accused Of Hit-And-Run

(Rallying Patriots) – Unhinged leftists are some of the most miserable, disgruntled people in the world. Nothing makes them happy and they’re always offended by something.

Portland City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty is one such leftist. She has been leading the effort to defund the police and has even gone as far as to demand Mayor Ted Wheeler hand over control of the police bureau to her.

She’s about as unhinged as they come but it gets worse. Back in November, Hardesty ordered a Lyft ride home from a casino but while in the Lyft vehicle she threw a fit because the driver had the window cracked, as per company protocol, and decided to throw a fit.

The driver subsequently pulled over at a gas station and canceled the ride but Hardesty wasn’t going anywhere. She refused to get out of the drivers’ car and even called 911 to report him for … well, we’re not exactly sure what.

For someone who hates the police so much it sure is interesting that she called them so quickly for support.

The driver also ended up calling 911. These calls were obtained by a local outlet:

Hardesty is now back in the news yet again in another vehicle-related incident. On Wednesday, a Portland driver reported that she was rear-ended in the afternoon while stopped at a traffic light.

Guess who the driver says hit her? Jo Ann Hardesty. What’s worse is that Hardesty took off and fled the scene of the crime.

According to sources for the Gateway Pundit, police officers went to Hardesty’s apartment but she refused to open the door and now she’s claiming she hasn’t been contacted by the police at all.

On Thursday, Hardesty denied she was involved in the hit-and-run accident in Southeast Portland.

Oregon Live reported that the driver who reported that Hardesty hit her said that while she was on her way home from work she was side-by-side with the car that struck her at one point.

She looked over and saw the driver (Hardesty) on the phone or looking down at her lap prior to the accident.

The driver provided the police with a license plate number of the car that hit her. The police have Hardesty listed as the suspect associated with that plate number.

Hardesty is claiming that the allegations are just downright untrue as was disclosed by her spokesman Matt McNally.

“Commissioner Hardesty has asked me to let you know that she takes these accusations very seriously. She denies the accusation that she drove her vehicle in the last 24 hours, that she was involved in any vehicle accident and says she has not been contacted by the Portland Police Bureau regarding any such incident,” he said by email.

Hardesty sounds like a loose cannon and should probably not be in any kind of official city role. Not only is she making frivolous 911 calls, harassing Lyft drivers, engaging in hit-and-runs, and attempting to defund the police, she has also reportedly blamed the police for starting fires during the Portland riots.

You can’t get much more unhinged than Hardesty.

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  1. In Portland you’d need to have a concealed carry license to open carry a .22LR but you can negligently handle a lethal weapon, a 4000 pound car, with more destructive energy than a 20mm cannon. On Bastille Day in Nice, France, a man driving a truck killed 86 and injured 485, about. In Oregon, driving is a right and self-defense is a privilege; obviously.


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