Unhinged CNN Host Suggests It’s “Time To Shun” Family And Friends Who Don’t Take The Vaccine

(Rallying Patriots) – The shaming or punishing of dissidents is the hallmark of any good totalitarian regime and the oligarchy forming in America is no exception.

There is nothing that drives the radical left more crazy than freedom-loving Americans who refuse to blindly bend and conform to their orders.

It drives them insane when Americans dare to stand up for liberty and our right to make our own health decisions rather than be told what’s best for us by corrupt politicians, media sycophants and Big Tech.

Tens of millions of Americans are not interested in receiving the controversial and experimental COVID “vaccines.”

Not only have they not been proven to be effective at stopping the virus, as a matter of fact those who have been fully vaccinated have been contracting COVID, they haven’t been proven to be safe either.

Over 4,000 Americans have died after receiving their shots and Big Pharma would like us all to believe the lie that those Americans would have died regardless of receiving the vaccines.

On top of the risks, which most definitely don’t outweigh any supposed benefit, getting the vaccines don’t actually bring about any freedoms from COVID mandates and rules.

Thus far anyone who has been fully vaccinated is still being told to social distance and continue wearing a mask. It wasn’t until just recently that the CDC benevolently granted permission for those who have been fully vaccinated to stop wearing a mask outdoors.

There has also been serious talk about annual COVID boosters.

The entire vaccine push has been nothing short of medical tyranny and now one unhinged CNN host has suggested it’s time for Americans to start shunning their family and friends into getting the shots.

CNN’s Michael Smerconish said during a segment of his show that those who refuse to get vaccinated should be socially ostracized and shunned until they decide to comply and get shot up.

Smerconish discussed this option in reference to an op-ed in the USA Today by prosecutor Michael Stern in which Stern opines about whether or not it’s time to start shunning those who refuse the vaccine.

“We’ve gotta shun folks, we’ve gotta shun people into getting vaccinated,” said Smerconish. He went on to advocate for businesses making it a requirement for all employees to be vaccinated to work.

He also said it’s time to “get personal” and that Americans need to start requiring their friends and families to be vaccinated to attend “barbeques” and other social functions.

“People should require friends to be vaccinated to attend the barbeques and birthday parties they host – friends don’t let friends spread COVID.”

The host then shared the results of a poll conducted via his website (so you can imagine there weren’t many conservatives partaking) which revealed that 73% of respondents agree it’s “time to shun.”

Raheem Kassam turned the tables on Smerconish and tweeted, “Doesn’t @Smerconish realise we absolutely want to be shunned by people like him and his viewers,” adding, “That’s literally the dream.”

In a perfect world, Americans would be free to live life how we choose without the contempt and bullying of angry, unhinged leftists.

Go ahead and shun away, liberals. Your bullying tactics will only affirm Americans’ refusal to take these dangerous, untested vaccines.

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