U.S. Navy Announces New Ship Will Be Named After Darling Of The Dems

(Rallying Patriots) – According to a new report from WND, Secretary of the Navy Carlos Del Toro announced last Thursday that the Navy is set to name a ship after former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, pushing the announcement out just as Women’s History Month came to an end.

Out of all the potential names a person could choose, this is what they’re going with? Seriously? If this isn’t blatant pandering, tell me what is?

Ginsburg’s name will appear on a ship that has not yet been constructed, however, it’s been revealed it will be a John Lewis-class replenishment oiler, according to a Navy news release.

“The Lewis class of ships has been used to memorialize other liberal icons, including Sen. Robert F. Kennedy of New York, former Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, gay activist Harvey Milk and Lewis himself, who was a civil rights activist before serving 17 terms as a Georgia congressman,” the report said.

“Other ships of the class yet to be built will be named for abolitionist Sojourner Truth, former Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and women’s rights activist Lucy Stone,” the report continued.

“As we close out women’s history month, it is my absolute honor to name the next T-AO after the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is a historic figure who vigorously advocated for women’s rights and gender equality,” Del Toro went on to say in a statement.

“As Secretary of the Navy, it is my aim to ensure equality and eliminate gender discrimination across the Department of the Navy. She is instrumental to why we now have women of all backgrounds, experiences and talents serving within our ranks, side by side with their male Sailor and Marine counterparts,” he continued.

The Navy release then cited Ginsburg for her work on the case of United States v. Virginia, which brought the Virginia Military Institute’s men-only admissions policy to an end.

The announcement got quite a response from folks on Twitter, as you might expect.

According to the U.S. Navy, T-AO ships are designed to help transfer fuel to the Navy’s carrier strike groups.

Oilers can carry around 162,000 barrels of oil.

“The justice’s daughter, Jane Ginsburg, was named the ship’s sponsor, which means she will have a lead role in all of the ceremonies connected with the ship, such as its christening and commissioning,” the report stated.

For those who might not know, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the second woman to serve on the court after Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

“Ginsburg was a fierce member of the court’s liberal wing and an outspoken critic of former President Donald Trump,” the report continued. “She died of cancer in 2020, setting the stage for Trump’s appointment of Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the court.”

When you objectively look at all the damage that’s been done to our liberty through the decisions that Ginsburg has made, there’s no justification for naming a ship after this woman and honoring her legacy.

Plenty of other women have served this nation and stood up for the principles we are founded on that would make good names for a ship in the Navy. Perhaps they should end the pandering and seek out one of those folks instead.

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