Tyranny Alert: Usurper Biden Threatens Unvaccinated People “Will Pay The Price”

(Rallying Patriots) – During Joe Biden’s worst weeks as president yet the CDC made the miraculous decision to allow fully vaccinated people permission to ditch the mask.

Despite the fact that many Americans are paying outrageously high gas prices, some as high as $7/gallon, and some Americans still have no access to gas, the CDC is giving Biden a boost with their recent announcement that doesn’t appear to be based on any kind of data or changes in the “crisis.”

Armed with this new guidance, Joe Biden promptly issued Americans an ultimatum, telling Americans they can either get fully vaccinated with the experimental DNA-altering drugs or wear a mask until they do.

Now on Monday, Biden again appeared to use the CDC’s recent guidance update as leverage against Americans who refuse to take the vaccine.

Biden said that Americans who do not agree to be injected with the experimental shot will “pay the price” though he never gave any details on what exactly that “price” would be.

“Last week the CDC announced that if you’re fully vaccinated, you no longer have to wear a mask,” Biden began. “The science now shows that your vaccination protects you as well as being masked, or better than being masked, so you can protect yourself from serious illness from Covid by being vaccinated, or wearing a mask until you’re fully vaccinated.”

Biden then went on to say that unvaccinated Americans will “end up paying the price” should they continue to stay unvaccinated.

“If the unvaccinated get vaccinated, they will protect themselves and unvaccinated people around them,” Biden said. “If they do not, states with low vaccination rates may see those rates go up, may see this progress reversed. Ultimately, those who are not vaccinated will end up paying the price.”

What does that even mean?

Clearly those who chose not to get the vaccine are not scared or threatened by the COVID-19 virus so it seems truly tone-deaf and out of touch to use the potential contraction of the virus as some kind of threat against Americans who refuse to be injected with dangerous and untested “vaccines.”

Biden then went on to demand “respect” for people who still wish to wear a mask despite the new CDC guidance.

Of course, we should “respect” our fellow Americans’ decision to continue wearing face masks but should another American decide not to get vaccinated, that decision deserves no respect; only bullying, hate and indifference.

Only people who make decisions for themselves and their health based on what Joe Biden and the CDC have told them deserve “respect.”

“As I said last week, some people may want to continue to wear a mask, even if they are fully vaccinated,” Biden said. “That’s a decision they can make. Some businesses may want to continue to require wearing masks. Let’s all be kind and respectful to one another as we come out of this pandemic and respect those who want to continue to wear a mask, even if they’ve been vaccinated.”

Joe Biden really does believe he is some kind of authoritarian dictator who gets to tell Americans how to live their lives. It’s truly remarkable.

We must do everything we can to protect our freedoms and liberties now. Four years of Joe Biden is a long time. We have to draw the line in the sand now and vehemently defend it with everything we’ve got.

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