TWITTER SLAMS MCCONNELL: ‘There Was A Red Wave Coming. Then The GOP Got Involved’

(Rallying Patriots) – If there’s one thing we all should’ve learned as true red-blooded conservatives, it’s that you should never expect those in the Republican Party who are Republican In Name Only (RINOs) to be on our side and cheering us on to victory over the Democrats, because, honestly, if those who are real, authentic, and stand on the principles of our founders are elected into office, it won’t be long until the RINOs are out of a job.

This is why it probably should not have come as a surprise that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, came out on Monday with a rather sour, dour attitude toward the possibility of a red wave happening this November in the mid-term elections. It’s typical for someone like McConnell, a notorious RINO, to have a defeatist mentality.

However, his comments this week about how the GOP only has a 50-50 chance of taking back control of Congress did not sit well with many individuals who see this comment as McConnell displaying a lack of fighting spirit during one of the most important off-year election cycles in the history of the country.

According to BizPacReview, “On Thursday, McConnell delivered remarks at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce luncheon, all but running up the white flag on the GOP regaining control of the upper chamber because of his distaste for America first candidates who have been endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump.”

“I think there’s probably a greater likelihood the House flips than the Senate,” the Kentucky senator went on to say. “Senate races are just different, they’re statewide. Candidate quality has a lot to do with the outcome.”

Many folks on Twitter have decided to weigh in on McConnell’s comments, including a user by the name of Dr Strangetweet or How I Learned to Love the RT, who took a blow torch to the GOP leadership over what appears to be a deeply rooted determination to utterly blow this election.

“There was a red wave coming,” Dr Strangetweet said in this post. “Then the GOP got involved.”

“I don’t think they could have done any worse if they were trying to let the Dems win,” the user then stated, “Wait a minute…”

“Seriously, the Democrats need to get on their knees and thank the God they don’t believe in that there isn’t a viable Conservative party other than the GOP,” Strangetweet remarked. “Because if there was, the wave would be whatever color that is.”

“Forget elephants and donkeys. The missing 3rd party would be monkeys,” the user continued. “Because we’re tired of this crap and we’re gonna start flinging it back at you.”

The user then went on to state, “Man, I’d love to defend democracy but it sure looks like democracy is two groups of fat cats that belong to the same club fighting over who is gonna screw the mouse over the hardest. I didn’t not realize democracy meant two groups in power and no one else is allowed to play.”

“This is the GOP we all know and wanted to burn to the ground with Trump,” Dr Strangetweet pointed out, also commenting on the Senate bid of TV physician Dr. Mehmet Oz who definitely has a very long, uphill battle in front of him if he hopes to pull off a victory.

“The only consolation is that on some multiverse Earth, the GOP is being nuked en masse right now to be replaced with citizens who give a damn,” he said, going on to express frustration at the current situation.

“‘Never attribute to malice what can be explained by stupidity’,” the user stated in another post, pulling out a classic quote. “After watching this routine for 40 years, it’s malice. Definitely malice.”

Dr Strangetweet then went on to deliver another blow to the “ineffective and feckless party” that the GOP has become under the leadership of McConnell.

“The moral of the story is a scorpion does what a scorpion does and we’re stupid for believing otherwise,” the thread finished.

Guess who else decided to deliver a few solid punches to McConnell? That’s right. President Donald Trump.

“Why do Republicans Senators allow a broken down hack politician, Mitch McConnell, to openly disparage hard working Republican candidates for the United States Senate. This is such an affront to honor and to leadership. He should spend more time (and money!) helping them get elected, and less time helping his crazy wife and family get rich on China!” Trump stated in a post published on Truth Social.

Another example of how the cancer of defeatism is spreading through the GOP right now, CNN has reported that another top member of the Republican Party is urging candidates in specific districts to keep “Trump” out of their mouths.

“I am told that Tom Emmer – he is the head of the House GOP’s campaign arm – has been privately counseling some Republican candidates in battleground districts to avoid the Trump talk and to not be distracted by the former president, and to instead focus on the issues like inflation and crime when they’re out on the campaign trail,” CNN’s Capitol Hill reporter Melanie Zanona went on to say Friday.

“Only weeks ago it looked like smooth sailing all the way to the horizon for Republicans and their chances of capitalizing on the complete failure of President Biden and his party to retake control of both Houses of Congress, now at a time when leadership is desperately needed, McConnell and his fellow feckless RINOs are sending out signals that they would rather throw in the towel than take the fight to the enemy,” the report stated.

This weak, limp-wristed defeatism is exactly why folks fell in love with Trump in the first place. He oozes strength, confidence, and an attitude of “never say die,” that we need to rally around during these difficult years. Nobody wants to see yellow-bellied pushovers like McConnell start infecting the party with a loser mentality.

It’s probably well past time for McConnell’s leadership within the GOP to end.

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